WhatsApp Releases Fix to The Problem With the Recent Update

WhatsApp rolled out a massive update today afternoon which resulted in empty chat groups, contacts out of sync and failed restores. While the problem seems to be only for new devices, it still was causing hiccups. Gladly, WhatsApp recognized the issue and have proactively released a patch for the caused problem. The issue seems to be fixed now.

WhatsApp Contact Sync Fail

Here is the list of features you should see after the fix:

  • WhatsApp now opens faster which means, it will definitely performing better on low-end Windows Phone
  • Drag and Drop Pins to share location instantly.
  • Add captions to images and video before you share them in a group or individual
  • Finally, your friends don’t have to turn their phone if the images you were sending had wrong orientation.
  • You can clear of group chat by using the archive option to chats and groups
  • Each chat or group can now have its own background
  • Better support for phones with high-resolution screens

Lets us know the recent update went for you. Were you able to get all the messages back? Can you see the chat groups?

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Thanks to everybody who tipped us!!

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  1. I am stuck at Profile Info Page. Not able to add my profile name. No further progression. Kindly help please…

  2. After updating the latest version(2.11.587) of WhatsApp, I m facing issues such as I m not able to view the Profile pictures & Status on my contact list. I m using Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows version 7.8. Kindly help on this and update a fix ASAP.

  3. I have lumia 820 and my whatsapp worked before.. But yesterday there was notification error (I dont receive notification) so I reinstalled my whatsapp but this issue happened! Can’t restore backup, and it says none of my contacts are using whatsapp.. Please help!

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