Why a Proxy and Not a Vpn? The Benefits of Proxies and How It Can Help

Why should you choose a proxy? Well, there are plenty of reasons for that. Imagine you are on vacation in another country but cannot load your social media page. So, will you have to wait so long just to share some pictures of your adventure? Not the best option, especially for those not used to living separately from their phone. Or, maybe you are a business owner who wants to protect their data and try some new marketing tools. You can see how your website is shown in the search from the target country and check whether the Google ads are working there.

With all that, a proxy server comes in handy. Here we will explain where to get an India VPN for Chrome and how it can help you with mundane tasks. By clicking the link in the previous sentence, you will find more information about the technical aspects of the provided services if you decide to use them. But let’s focus here more on the main advantages of proxy usage, why proxy, but not a VPN, and a few useful sidenotes.

A Tool That Will Fix It All

A Little Bit More About the Definition

What is the proxy anyway? If you turn on the proxy, you create an additional shield between your device and the Internet. The website will see that the request is coming from a real person. But this won’t be your IP address. For example, if you live in Delhi, but using a proxy from the Netherlands, then the server will recognize you as a user from the Netherlands. It is all simple. You can also switch countries depending on different purposes. The proxy can give you the following benefits:

  • By using a proxy IP address, you will be secured from cyber attacks or can delay them until taking some action. It will be difficult for a hacker to steal your personal data.
  • You can restrict certain websites for your employees, like social media, which will enhance productivity in your office. Control and manage your business more effectively with a simple tool.
  • Due to the fact that SOAX company uses only whitelisted IP addresses, there will be no penalties or bans from Google. Also, you can use as many proxy pools as you need. There is no restriction from search engines or a proxy server.

There is no need to worry about your internet connection being slowed by proxy use. A common rumor but only applicable to some inconvenient service providers who are not doing their jobs well. On the contrary, using the right proxy server will help to boost your speed.

Where Is the Difference Then?

Often people have a hard time understanding what defines proxy and VPN. Both technologies aim at hiding the user’s real IP address and offer you a certain degree of anonymity. But while proxy “covers” your IP by switching it to another, VPN reroutes your IP address. You send a request to a host server, which makes all your Internet activities “unreadable” for anyone, but it is easy to encrypt. Suppose someone is interested in your activity and professional enough, of course. So, in the second option, there will be less chance that hackers will not steal your data. You can get 100% anonymity and security with a proxy for the same price.

People also say that using a proxy is unsafe because service providers can track down all your actions and sell this information to someone. This is possible only if you choose some inconvenient company which no one has heard of. Of course, if the service provider is famous enough, it cannot remain on TOP and scam its clients simultaneously.

This kind of service provider will be already canceled and remembered only on the ancient shocking articles about the occasion. Your aim is to double-check whether your chosen service provider has been involved in some data leakage scandals and read some reviews about their work. For instance, consider SOAX. It has a lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot and has some awards proving that working with this provider is safe. Check it by yourself and see whether it will suit your needs.

For those who seek something bigger

If you want to operate on several different accounts, you need to organize them. This is where you can use the services of anti-detect browsers. They have a native interface, which does not make them look complicated even for inexperienced users. It is useful both for business and social media promotion.

There are many anti-detect browsers, such as AntBrowser, ClonBrowser, etc. They have integrated technology that helps to adjust any number of proxy servers. But this option is more suitable for those who want to work with more than ten accounts simultaneously. It is useless for others, so just use the Chrome extension if you want to watch Netflix in China.

SOAX – what it can give you

You can search for some reviews and comments on the Web about this company and decide whether it is worth it. There are several pricing plans which you can pick from. You can customize your plan if you want some more features. It can be a mobile or WI-FI proxy, no matter what. You can test how it works for only 2 USD. By choosing the pricing plan, you can surf the Internet and 100% be sure that you are safe. There are more than ten countries you can choose from.

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