Why MacKeeper Is Not Good For You And Your Mac

All kinds of bundle deals attract people and they are quite common. But not always as effective and needed as expected to be. Therefore MacKeeper has had some controversial opinions about it for quite a while already.

The easiest way to go is to use a Mackeeper removal guide and say goodbye to it forever. You will need a guide to delete this application because you cannot do it the simple way you would if you were to delete a regular app.

And on the other hand, if you are still hesitating and need more arguments about why you should remove MacKeeper from your Mac and why it does no good for your computer, then we are going to share some valuable points right away.

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It Has An Unpleasant History Of Exposing User Information

In December of 2015, Mackeeper actually did expose 13 million Mac owners’ data and left passwords open for easy cracking. This was a huge mistake with quite a few security flaws. And that creates an extremely bad reputation, especially for an app that is selling security software itself. And not as cheap – for $15 dollars a month.

When the data was exposed to the whole community, it was easily accessible publicly. All you had to do is use a search engine like Google. And it included some sensitive data like usernames, password hashes, licenses, and even public IP addresses. The fact of data leak itself is unpleasant, but this kind of data is really something you might not want to share with just anybody. Especially hackers.

So the person who found this data leak wasn’t an owner of MacKeeper or even a Mac. After reporting the problem, it was fixed rapidly. Nevertheless, even though no severe damage was made, it’s still a fact that it could have happened. The reason why it all happened is that the company was using a public server without authentication, which is a huge security flaw. Especially for a company that specializes in securing computers.

Therefore even if people were using MacKeeper and thinking it’s some kind of effective, after this data leak, any trust was lost, because this story ran on all tech blogs and biggest publications.

MacKeeper Slows Down Your Performance

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If you use a Mac, you definitely know that it is a product of quality and even after many years of use this device still surprises you with its speed and efficiency. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why so many people like and keep loyal to Mac computers. According to statistics, Macs now account for 10% of active personal computers and are still growing in numbers.

Although if your Mac is pretty new and you see a lot of downsides in its speed and performance, then MacKeeper might be the case. There are many cases of computer repairing that found removing the Mackeeper effective and highly positive on improving Macs’ performance. So why would you want to add something to a perfectly good computer, if it slows it down that much?

The Tools Aren’t Very Useful

They really aren’t. The main purpose of MacKepper is keeping your Mac safe and running in the best performance possible. We already know that it failed with both. Let’s take a quick trip to review those 17 apps that cost you $15 a month.

Almost half of these items are complete duplicates of some apps that Mac offers you for free or already has similar or even better alternatives for you to choose from. The easily replaceable ones are Update Tracker, Default Apps, Anti-Theft tools, Data Encryptor, Disk Usage, Files Finder, Login Items, and Backup. So why would you want to pay some additional money for something you already have?

There are also some apps that have some benefits to them – but not much because these apps aren’t the ones of daily use.

Geek on Demand lets you consult a live technician. That would sound great if there wasn’t a free alternative to it – simply picking up the phone and contacting the Certified Apple Support, which is also free. Adware Cleaner is supposed to protect you from pirated software but as we know already, it doesn’t do the best job. Memory Cleaner is an app that removes apps from your Ram quicker. But on the other hand, it’s not that difficult to use Activity Monitor, you don’t have to be a genius. And the last one is the Internet Security app. Another app that protects you from malware – but it is always smarter to use a proper trusted antivirus for your Mac to keep it safe.

And finally, the most useful apps are considered to be Shredder, Duplicates Finder, Smart Uninstaller, Files Recovery, and Fast Cleanup – all of them are cleanup assistance apps. Which is a little convenient if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about how to do it yourself. But there’s always Google and time for learning.

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