Wileyfox Pro is launching a Windows 10 Mobile Device. Thats not even daring!

When every OEM that got on-board for Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile platform has given up, and Microsoft has officially declared it dead, there is one OEM who is launching a new Windows 10 Mobile on December 4.

Wileyfox is based out of UK and is planning to launch Wileyfox Pro powered the dead Windows 10 Mobile. The mobile will be sold on pre-order basis at Amazon UK. and will be released by December 4.

Source: Amazon

That’s not even daring, but that’s completely suicidal. However, I believe that this has been in works for a few months already, and now they have no other choice but to sell out the units for those who are still craving for Windows 10 Mobile devices. Well!

First shown at the IFA 2017, here are the specifications:

  • Snapdragon 210, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB internal storage.
  • 8MP Primary camera around back and a 2 MP front camera

That said, Microsoft is still supporting Windows 10 Mobile for business consumers, and it may keep supporting it for a couple of years till a new category gets in, or the business makes a quit. This is priced at  £189.99

(via ZDNet).


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