WindowBreak : Another Windows Phone Jailbreak Project

Seems like Windows Phone hacker, JaxBot,  wont take rest and I did hear him talking about there is jailbreak method for Windows Phone and asked many people to hold back for sometime instead of buying Chevron Wp7 Token,  but never realized he was taking about a JailBreak Method which he has published on XDA Forum  and a website dedicated to Jailbreaking, WindowBreak,  by finding exploits is live but no content as of now. Hopefully in future This will let you jailbreak without buying tokens from Chevron but as of now this is only interop unlock.

Interesting part is this unlock is done using Online Method by visiting the website and tapping a button which says WindowsBreak Me which reminds of a iOS Jailbreak method which came long time back.

JaxBot Says the exploit which he is using works on every device but the tool required to make it work or provision it works differently As of now this is working on Samsung Devices but not on Nokia and HTC devices because they block the registry entries in provisioning files.  This hack is works around the same way Heathcliff74’s interop unlock works

Window Break

According to HealthCliff

“They both have a driver dedicated to provisioning. The whitelists are implemented in those drivers. HTC has whitelisted only specific registry keys for APN’s and stuff. NOKIA does not have the registry on the whitelist at all.”

So here are the steps to jailbreak your Windows Phone

  • Go to WindowBreak
  • Tap on WindowsBreak Me
  • Then it checks for Compatibility and Downloads a file named as, Tap to Open
  • Select windowsbreak.xml

Done that now 

  • Press Start
  • Navigate to Phone
  • Dial #634#
  • Type #9908#
  • Select WindowBreak
  • Save and Reboot.
This only Interop Unlock as of now, keep track when the real Jailbreak Comes in.

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Though Microsoft was able to put down the first jailbreak and transform into Chevron but we will have to see what happens now.

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