Windows 10 15007 for Mobile brings App Reset, Web Payments, Pause Update features

Windows 10 Mobile had been waiting for an update from a long time, and today we have it for Fast Ring Insiders. In this build Microsoft brings all the possible feature from Windows 10 Mobile 15002, and its great to see the update rolling out.  Windows 10 PC also had the 15007 update today along with Mobile.

App reset: 

As usual late, but this feature is finally here. You can not reset an app i.e. clear all data, logins, etc, and start using it as a new app. You don’t need to reinstall the app again now. Open Settings > System > Storage, and navigate to the app. In the advanced settings for that app, you’ll now see a “Reset” option. Tapping it will clear the app’s cache, and reset the app.

More recurrence options for Cortana Reminders: 

You have a new option to set  recurring time-based Cortana Reminders for “Every Month” or “Every Year”. This is useful for bill payments, birthdays, and anniversary reminders.

Cortana’s Voice Control to Playback Music:

Apps like  iHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio can now be controlled using Cortana over voice. Microsoft has also added support for “What’s Playing”. Try saying “Hey Cortana, What’s Playing” and it will work for all apps playing music.

Along with these, Cortana can now recognize music for China.


Web payments: 

This came in PC in the earlier build, has the same support in Windows 10 Mobile as well. This is currently in a preview state for developers and will not process payment information until a future flight.

More Help to find related settings : 

Similar to Window 10 PC running Build 15002, settings page will show additional information on the right or bottom. Also the app related settings are clubbed into a new category called Apps.

Updated device settings: 

  • Same section for both  the Bluetooth and Connected devices.
  • You can now disconnect and reconnect your Bluetooth audio devices directly from this Settings page.

New option to pause updates: 

This is a great option to have just like the Windows 10 PC. You can pause updates on your phone for up to 35 days. To pause your phone, go to the Settings > Update & security > Phone Update and tap Advanced.

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