Ultimate Windows Tweaker is the best Windows 10 Tweak and Customization Tool

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a free software for Windows 10 from TheWindowsClub, which offers easy customization. These customizations can be achieved using Windows 10 Settings, Registry changes, or modifications in the Group Policies. If you are looking forward to a faster system, stable than before, and is also secure, then Ultimate Windows Tweaker is the Best Windows 10 Tweaker, and it can do those for you in a few clicks.

Best Windows 10 Tweaker

It is a lightweight, portable application that provides a clean UI and over 200 tweaks. All the tweaks are well categorized and come with a tooltip that explains more about it. So anytime you change anything, use the tooltip to clearly understand what changes you are making to the Windows 10 System. There are so many tweaks that, at times, you may feel overwhelmed to tweak more than what is needed.

Note: Make sure to create a restore point before using Ultimate Windows Tweaker. The software does open the System Restore interface when you launch it for the first time. Make sure to enable it for your primary drive.

Best Windows 10 Tweaker

Features of Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Broadly there are two types of things you can do with the software—General customization and Tweaks. The former is incredibly useful as it offers most of the settings in one place. If you have to go through Windows 10 settings, you will end up navigating multiple screens. The later section helps you improve and make informed choices about Privacy, Security, and more.

  1. System Information
  2. Customization
  3. User Accounts
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. Performance tweaks
  6. Security and Privacy tweaks
  7. Context Menu tweaks
  8. Additional system tweaks

There is one thing I would like to clear. It is not a replacement for Windows 10 Settings. It goes beyond that and offers tweaks that help you remove or add things that are usually not possible. If you do like the sound icon on the system tray, you can remove that. If you want to increase the thumbnail size of Taskbar, you can use it to increase the size, and so on.

UWT has a search option. If you want to find something, it is best to do a search instead of guessing. I wish the app can have the search box on top of the application, just like how Outlook is offering.

1] System Information

Quick information about your Windows 10 PC, which includes Processor + Speed, RAM, Current User name, version of Windows 10, and so on. You can find all this information in Windows 10 System information, which will take additional 3-4 steps to open. The same section offers quick links to Windows Experience Index, System FIle Checker Utility, System Restore Point, and Windows System Image repair.

These tools are often useful when you have issues with Windows 10, and running SFC or DISM tools can help you to repair system files.

2] Customization and Personalization

It is mostly related to the user interface. We all love to personalize, and UWT offers everything in one roof.  You can change settings related to the Start menu, Taskbar, Thumbnails, File Explorer, This PC, and Universal UI. Disable features that you do not use, and customize which can make the experience better. For example, you can change what drag and drop does in File Explorer, emove shortcut prefix, and so on.

3] User Accounts

What I liked about this section is the ability to enable and disable the built-in admin account. At times you need another admin account, and instead of creating another user, you can use this.  Apart from this, you can display last Logon information, change UAC levels, configure Logon information, and sign-in options.

4] Internet Explorer

If you still need to use IE, then this section helps you configure IE settings without opening IE.

5] Performance tweaks

This section is for pro users as it offers tweaks that you need to spend time with to realize how it is affecting your system. Right from increasing waiting time to kill hanged programs, services to disabling features like smooth scrolling to disabling prefetch services. Make sure to use them carefully and read about them before making changes. Stay assured that it will not crash your system, but how it may affect will depend.

6] Security and Privacy

Best Windows 10 Tweaker

Windows 10 now offers extensive Privacy Settings, and if you find them confusing, UWT Security tweaks make it a lot easier. The Privacy tab allows you to disable Telemetry, Biometrics, Advertising, Steps Recorder, Inventory Collector, disable Wi-Fi Sense, and Application Telemetry. The security section helps you restrict access to features like Registry, Task Manager, Encrypting File System, and so on. It comes in handy when there is another admin user on your computer, and he doesn’t know what to do with the advanced Windows 10 features.

7] Context Menu tweaks

If you have used Windows for long, I am sure at some point you have tried adding or remove extra things from the Context menu. This section helps you with that. You can customize the context menu for Universal UI and Desktop. Add options like Move to, Take Ownership, Scan with Windows Defender, and so on.

8] Additional system tweaks

Under this category, you will see some additional system and Network tweaks. These are random collections fo tweaks that come from experience.

That said, Ultimate Windows Tweaker offers import and export options. Once you have tweaker your system, you can tweak more systems using the export file. All you need to is download Ultimate Windows Tweaker on that computer, and import the settings to apply.

I have used tons of software to customize Windows for more than a decade. Some of them don’t exist anymore, and some are not compatible with the latest version of Windows. UWT, on the other hand, not only offers incredible and Best Windows Tweaks, but it also keeps getting updated with new features as they keep rolling out. I would strongly recommend you to keep this application on your computer and look here to change things first before going anywhere else.

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