Windows 10 Camera gets Forced HDR, Video Pausing & Stereo Update

Windows 10 Camera is getting its glory back, one step at a time. In its recent update on Windows 10 Mobile, Forced HDR is back. I can see the update on my Lumia 950 XL which is on Redstone (14XXX) build so I am not sure if its available for all devices or just on new Windows 10 devices. Something that only you will be able to tell us.

RICH HDR Mode Windows 10 Moble Camera

The firth thing that has changed is the name. Instead of calling it as Rich Capture, Microsoft now calls it HDR which is more commonly used. This will at least keep the confusion and questions off, if Windows 10 Mobile supports HDR mode. It is still called as Rich, because you can control both Dynamic Flash and Dynamic Exposure in post processing.  List of changes as below:

  • Rich HDR now can be forcibly turned on instead of either on Auto Mode or Off Mode. This worked nicely on my Lumia 950 XL.
  • When recording Video, you can pause, and resume. This really helps if you capture a lot of moments, and want to waste less time on video edits. Also saves battery.
  • As per Steve from AAWP,  Lumia 950 and 950 XL Audio captures are free of noise cancellation and other digital glitches.
  • Stereo audio capture finally now works properly on the older Lumias, but Dolby licensing or control of the quad-mike set-ups on the relevant phones are missing.

A lot of these updates are for Redstone build, and I am sure you are already complaining. In time you will see features that will be come only Redstone, but some features will make to all devices. At the end, I will suggest that don’t expect every reported feature to be available on your phone. Some of them truly depend on hardware, and need the new generation cameras.


via AAWP

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  1. My 640XL seemed to work fine, but when choosing best lighting on photos app, pop up says “Something went wrong. Please try again” – the old Rich capture mostly worked (with occasional crashes in camera itself) – perhaps a photos app update needed? – Redstone latest build. Also of note, the image is also un-zoomable in HDR mode, unless going into editing mode.

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