Windows 10 “Creators Update” : Everything You Should Know

In its one of the biggest event on Windows, Microsoft announced the next update to Windows 10 — Creators Update–which will be rolled out for free for everyone. Here is everything you should know about it.  If you are a Windows 10 insiders, you will be getting this update next week.

3D for Everyone

Microsoft is expanding its vision for mixed reality which includes virtual reality, augmented reality, and holographic computing. This will empower everybody to experience 3D in mixed reality.

While the old generation is still in 2D, right from email to colours, the next generation is already interacting with 3D. The classic example is Minecraft where gamers are all into 3D already, and they are pretty comfortable with it.


Microsoft is putting 3D in Paint application, Office and Edge.

The Paint 3D app now allows you to import objects from real world, and put it in the drawing you just made it to make it look realistic.  You can even put a 3D object into Power point presentation.

Microsoft wants to make it as easy as taking a photo, and turn it into a 3D. This was demonstrated my Microsoft at the event. A sand castle was scanned, and turned into a 3D object on HP’s Windows 10 Mobile devices with exact colours. Look at the images below.



Post this is where Paint 3D comes in. Using this you can convert a 2D image into 3D. It is powerful enough to remove even the background images, making selection even more magical. Then you can manipulate the objects into 3d where depth plays an important role.  It is brilliant to see how you can move objects around so easily, and place them where, and exactly how you wanted.


More you can learn about in our post on Remix3D here

Virtual Reality and Edge

Creators Update will bring Virtual Reality with Edge. How does this help actually to even a regular consumer ?  The first thing Microsoft is doing is making Virtual Reality Headsets more affordable, and its going to cost as low as $299. When used this with creators update, any consumer would be able to bring shopping objects like chairs into the real world, and let users decide if it actually fits their need.

Microsoft is not going to make this affordable hardware, but OEMs like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer have partnered with Microsoft to bring it to the consumers. The biggest advantage of these headsets would be the zero need of a complex setup, and more of like plug and play which is much-needed. More here.

Gaming, Xbox, and Windows 10

Gaming is no more limited to just playing it on a console. It has gone much beyond them, and features of Xbox One which brings game streaming, screenshot capture, having online clubs are just some example.  Creators update is designed for e-sports, and game broadcasting.

Game Broadcasting for Windows 10

Creators Update along with Beam, a service built with native support for streaming gaming content,  it will enable viewers, and gamers to interact and do gaming better. Windows 10 has already made it possible to stream games from console to Windows 10 PC without need of high-end hardware, with creators update Beam will be built into Windows 10. And yes you can watch game broadcasting even using a browser, and interact with the gamer.


A lot of games which were built for Xbox One is now available on Windows 10 as well. If you are a PC gamer, Beam enables Windows 10 game streaming much easier. It allows gamers to talk to the viewers over voice, and the viewers can chat over. There is no lag,but yes your connectivity will matter.


Using this feature, you will be able to create custom tournament using Arena on Xbox Live. This feature was recently introduced for Xbox One, but was limited. This is similar to fantasy football team tournaments. You can create or join or can just go and watch.


Features of Arena:

  • Name it, and extend it to everyone or just your friends.
  • You can have your game mode, and tournament style.
  • You can schedule based on time zone.
  • You can also invite others apart from your friends.
  • Players can be on PC or Xbox One. It doesn’t matter.
  • Xbox Live service will keep track of scores, decide the winner, and so on. All you need to do is play.

Dolby Atmos for Xbox One:

Bitstream audio pass through, and Dolby Atmos support is coming to Xbox One for Blu-Ray.

People are now centre of Windows

Creators update allows faster way to connect and share with people who matter most. Family Friends, Collaborators, and fellow gamers.The upcoming update  adds “MyPeople” which is a new taskbar which makes it easier for you connect with the people whom you often connect.

It allows you to drag, and drop any content to the person on the MyPeople taskbar. You have options to then send it over email, or by using Skype. This feature will be available across all Windows 10 devices.


Share Charm has got an major overhaul which also includes MyPeople first, along with option to share over apps, and services.


MyPeople is going places. It will be integrated with Skype, Outlook, SMS relay including Android, Xbox Live, and will be available for developers as well. You can see how well it integrates one person to all his profiles, and makes it much easier for you to connect to any communication option.


While some features are making its way through the final update, and some little early, what do you think of creators update? Sound off in the comments section.

Image source : Microsoft Live Event

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  1. Just to tell people that the App for the phone is not yet available so 3D on windows 10 is not yet useable. Ask Microsoft why they have not issued the App for creating 3D objects as they showed it in their video on an HP phone??


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