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How to Download, Install and Upgrade to Windows 11 2022 Update | Version 22H2

The latest version of Windows 11 packs a ton of new cool features. With the 2022 update version 22H2, you are now getting features like new touch screen gestures, changes to the start menu and file explorer, and so on. Hence, as a Windows user, it is hard to ignore the latest update and not install it on your computer. This post will guide how to download, install and upgrade Windows 11 2022 update (22H2) released in September 2022.

Note: The same methods applied for Windows 10 21H1 and Windows 11 21H1 download will be valid for any feature release. Useful when you need to upgrade right away!

How to Download, Install and Upgrade to Windows 11 2022 Update | Version 22H2

How to Download, Install and Upgrade to Windows 11 2022 Update? | Version 22H2

There are multiple ways to download, install and upgrade Windows. You can do it through, Window’s built-in update system, the media creation tool, or the update assistant. In this post, we will be looking at the following methods:

  1. How to get the Windows 11 2022 Update
  2. Install Windows Windows 11 2022 Update with Windows Update Assistant
  3. Upgrade to Windows 11 2022 Update using Media Creation Tool
  4. Download Windows 11 2022 ISO

Make sure to take a backup of all the files. While Windows does create a backup of all the files in the Windows OLD folder, a manual backup is always the safest backup.

1] How to get the Windows 11 2022 Update?

First, you should start by checking if there is any Windows update available for your computer or not.

Windows itself will offer you the most important updates for your computer. So go ahead and check whether the Windows 22H2 update is available for your computer.

To check it, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Windows Settings (Win + I)
  • Click on Windows update, and now Windows will start looking for updates.
  • Once found, Windows will start downloading and installing the updates for you.

If you don’t see the Windows 22H2 update, you can cancel the update and move to the below methods.

2] Install Windows Windows 11 2022 Update with Windows Update Assistant

The quickest way to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 11 would be to use the Windows Update Assistant. It is responsible for downloading and installing updates on your Windows computer.

However, before you use Windows Update Assistant, there are a few requirements that you have to meet. Such as:

  • You should have a Windows 10 license.
  • A computer running Windows 10, version 2004 or higher.
  • Your PC must meet the Windows 11 device specifications.
  • 9 GB of free disk space to download Windows 11.

Also, Windows 11 installation assistant only works with ARM-based PCs. It’s only supported for PCs using x64 p4ocesors. So make sure you have that before starting the Windows 11 Update Assistant.

To get started with this, follow the below steps:

  • First, download Windows 11 Installation Assistant.
  • Run the setup file, and it will tell you if your PC meets the required system requirements or not.
  • If your PC meets the requirements, you will see an Update button – click on that.
  • Now, the Windows update assistant will download the update for you and install it on your computer.

3] Upgrade to Windows 11 2022 Update using Media Creation Tool

You can also upgrade to Windows 11 2022 update by using the Media Creation Tool. The media creation tool would allow you to perform a reinstall or clean Windows 11 installation on your computer.

Also, just like the Windows 11 Update Assistant, your PC must meet the requirements to run Windows 11. To check if your PC has the requirements or not, you can download Windows PC Health Check. You will also require an 8GB flash drive to make a bootable drive to install Windows on your computer.

To get started, follow the below steps:

  • First, download the Windows Media Creation tool.
  • Run the setup file and follow all the onscreen steps.
  • Next, select language and edition and click on Next.

  • Select your bootable flash drive/disk.
  • That’s it, and now it will start downloading Windows 11.

  • Once done, boot up your PC using the bootable drive you have just created and install Windows to the latest 22H2 version.

4. Download Windows 11 2022 ISO

You can also download Windows 11 2022 ISO file and flash it in a bootable flash drive or disk using Rufus or other similar software.

  • Head over to Windows 11 download page.
  • From the Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) dropdown menu, select Windows 11 (multi-edition ISO) and click on the Download button.
  • Next, use the dropdown menu of Select the product language and click on Confirm button.

  • Finally, click on the 64-Bit Download button to get the ISO file.


So those were all the methods to download and install Windows 2022 22H2 upgrade. Going with the Windows update assistant is the easiest among all the options. It updates your existing Windows 11 installation to the latest update without deleting any of your files. But the media creation tool would be handy if you upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

How To Roll Back & Uninstall Windows 11 2022 Update?

To roll back or uninstall Windows 11 updates, you can go to Windows Settings > System > Recovery > Go Back. Next, follow all the onscreen steps to return to the previous Windows version.

How To Defer or Delay Windows 11 2022 Update or Feature Upgrades?

You can delay Windows updates by going to Windows  Settings > Windows Update. Over here, click on the Pause updates button to stop downloading updates for a week. Also, you can extend the limit by up to 5 weeks using the Pause updates dropdown menu.

How To Fix Windows 11 2022 Update Not Installing?

If your Windows 11 2022 22H2 update is not installing, go to File Explorer and navigate this path: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. Over here, select everything by pressing CTRL + A and then delete the files and folder. Finally, reboot your PC and then install the Windows update again.

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