Windows 10 Finally gets much needed Update to Fix Blurry Displays in Redstone 4

While Timeline is said to be the biggest update Windows 10 has ever got, IMO, the changes, options, and configurations Microsoft is getting to fix Blurry Displays for Apps, and in general the display on your monitor beats that. I have used both Mac and Windows, and the kind of display you get on Macbook is just outstanding.

While I agree that Apple has their own hardware, and they can deliver, but that doesn’t give Microsoft a reason why they cant open up options so everyone can optimize their display. Seems like Microsoft has finally given attention to this section.

Fix Scaling for Apps:

This new option, available under Settings > System > Display > Advanced scaling, helps you fix apps which look blurry. There are multiple reasons including dock/undock, RDP, or when you change display settings. When you turn on the option, the apps when relaunched will be fixed by Windows by adjusting them to your current resolution.

Source: Windows Blog
Source: Windows Blog

Windows keeps learning about the apps which are blurry, when it finds a bunch of apps which need a fix, you get a notification about it.

Pre-App Override:

Lastly, you can manually override for individual apps. This is useful for EXE which you have installed by downloading. Right-click on the EXE file,  choose properties, then select “Change High DPI Settings”, then “Override System DPI”, then configure the behavior.

Source: Windows Blog

That said, the settings work for primary display only. If you’re using multiple displays with different scale factors and running in “Extend” display mode, these apps might still be blurry on secondary displays.

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