Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17093 for Fast Ring brings GPU, HDR and Game Bar improvements.

Microsoft is rolling out Insider Preview build 17093 for Windows 10 users on Fast Ring, and it includes some major list of improvements and new features.  The major focus this time is on improving the gaming experience, graphics, and more. Let’s take a look at the details:

Game Bar:

The game bar now looks different, and it’s not just with the Dark & Light theme, but the bar now has straightforward options which many wanted. You can toggle your microphone and camera, and edit the title of your Mixer stream with a push of a button. This is very useful when you are streaming a game live.


Diagnostic Data Improvements

You will now be able to delete the all diagnostic data that Windows 10 collects. Diagnostic Data lets you clearly see what Microsoft collects as part of their Windows 10 Improvement program, and with this new button, you will be able to delete all that data from your device. You need to go to, Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback, and hit the delete button.

Graphics Improvements

HDR Video on more Windows PCs:

If your device is capable of HDR Playback, you can flip the switch the “Stream HDR video” toggle under Settings > Apps > Video playback. Once turned on, your device can be calibrated for HDR video. Yeah, it is still now automated. It says:

With Windows HD colour, your device can play a high dynamic range or HDR video whenevr its opossible. For best results, you need to play in full screen. There is an optiont o adjust video based on lighthing, but thats only for SDR video.

Windows team also recommends that keep your brightness high for the best result. If you are on battery, chances are your display is dim. So if you want the best of both, just check the box “Don’t increase display brightness when watching HDR video on battery” under “Battery Options” in Settings > Apps > Video playback.

New Graphics settings for Multi-GPU Systems:

Starting with this build, you can now choose apps to use the graphics performance as per your choice. So instead of choosing Graphics control panels from OEM, now you can let Windows decide how to manage them, and they take preference over everything. The key here is you can decide settings for Classic App, and UWP App separately or just let the system decide.

There is a Power Saving Mode, High-performance mode, where the later is when you have dedicated GPU hardware instead of integrated one. The last one is System Default which does what it says.  This comes in handy when the app does not follow what it should have followed.

Go password-less with Windows 10 S!

When using Windows 10 S, you can now choose to use the Authenticator app to skip entering the password all the time. You can set up Windows Hello, and all other apps, and services.

So when using Windows Hello, the password section from Windows Login screen is totally gone, and now has either Fingerprint, Face Detection or just the PIN.

Windows Security Improvements

Microsoft is making sure Windows Defender is not just an anti-virus replacement for your PC, and it can also secure your Accounts, and use Windows Hello wherever the option is. You have two new options. First one is  Account Protection pillar, and second is Device Security Pillar. While the former deals with setting up Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint or PIN for faster sign in, the later provides you with status reporting and management of security features built into your devices – including toggling features on to provide enhanced protection.

Apart from these, you have improvements with Edge, Multilingual text support in Windows, Text Prediction support for a bunch more languages, update privacy settings, option to view user dictionary, the narrator in safe mode and so on.  More here

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