Windows 10 IoT Core can detect Pets, but lets not expect a hardware anytime soon!

Windows 10 IoT is Microsoft attempt to get Cortana & Windows to smaller, but smarter, and connected devices or you can say “Internet of Things”, and Smart Home Solution.

In a recent update to its Windows 10 IoT Core, Microsoft has rolled out a feature which allows it to detect pet faces. If you have a small door for your Pet, this feature combined with a smart door with a camera to scan your pet can open the door for it. This is how it works:

  • Motion sensor detects somebody around.
  • Turns on the camera, and scans to figure out if it’s your pet or somebody’s else.
  • If yes, it does the magic by activating motors and open the door for him.

Well, it doesn’t stop your pet to bring along friends, but then it works according to the Youtube video posted on the official channel. Microsoft is using an  OpenCV classifier and uses frames of your pet to cross check if it’s your pet. Have a look:

It’s an interesting feature, but the biggest thing is if it can turn into a real hardware that people can use. Microsoft doesn’t make hardware, and OEMs haven’t really pulled on Cortana or Windows 10 IoT Core for connected things.  So for now, I would say, have fun watching it, but then don’t expect something from Microsoft. We all know how much time that Cortana powered speaker took to come.

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