Windows 10 is the Last Version of Windows; Update & Service Model to Lead the Way

Looks like Sathya Nadella is steering the giant ship of Windows into a model which will become either a service based mode or a Feature based model where consumers can pay for what they like. In a tweet James Croft on twitter quotes

“Windows 10 is the last version of Windows so we’re always working on Windows 10” – Jerry Nixon. Very interesting

Jerry Nixon is Developer Evangelist @ Microsoft

Microsoft is moving ahead with One Windows Idea on every platform which dilutes the idea of having different version of Windows running everywhere. Not only this, we now have universal app model which makes it possible for apps to run on any device which runs Windows 10. This flexibility is only possible if Microsoft runs a platform which is unified and remains consistent for a long time instead of changing the model every three years.


Update Based Model:

Having the same version of Windows 10 running on all machine has another advantage. The mindset, the market share that people are still running older version of Windows and they have problem upgrading, will be gone forever. While I don’t say that people will not have to update their apps as time goes by, but imagine a slow update where developers don’t have to drastically migrate app from one version to another, imagine a Windows which gets to its next version, silently, in the background.

The picture is very clear now on why Microsoft wants everybody to upgrade to Windows 10. It will not only be the last upgrade, but they would be able to bring every fake copy onboard and bet on a better future.

Software as a Service:

If you been following Build 2015 closely, its very clear that Microsoft is moving towards a model where Windows can turn into a “Software as a Service or SAAS”.

Office 365 is a classic example of this. Its a Subscription based service where you get full Office Suite which you can install as a Software on your machine. If you want to keep using it, you keep paying every year. You have added advantage of using the same license on your Phone, one one of the tablet and one on your PC or MAC. You always have the latest software, latest features and never have to worry about upgrading to next version.

It is quite possible that Windows 10 can follow the same model or part of it can become a paid service, and rest could be update based.

We are seeing a very interesting time of Windows and Microsoft for sure!