Windows 10 Mixed Reality Headset Available this Holiday from Asus, Dell and Lenovo

List of VR Headsets Announced for Windows 10 at CES this year, but there was not much information shared about what it holds inside, and related stuff. Today Windows Blog has published more details of these Virtual Reality Headsets which are set to change the landscape of VR into More. These devices will be available this Holiday, in the US most probably.

ASUS Windows Mixed Reality headset

  • It houses a  unique polygonal 3D cover panel
  • Comfortable ergonomically adjustable strap,
  • An easy one-hand setup.
  • Ultra-light with six degrees of freedom (DOF) tracked motion controller, for an incredible, immersive MR experience.

Dell Windows Mixed Reality headset

  • Focused on user comfort, designed by the same team that crafts their premium XPS and Alienware PCs.
  • Designed for comfort and convenience with innovations such as comfortable cushions that can be replaced for a personalized experience, weight balanced headband centered on the user’s head for long-term comfort, cable routing to free the user from dangling wires and, a flip-up visor for easy wearing and removing.

Lenovo Windows Mixed Reality headset

  • Contain built-in sensors to enable inside-out tracking and simplified set-up to let users move around more easily as they experience virtual worlds.
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