Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update Support Ends December 10, 2019 *

Windows 10 Mobile FCU has mostly received bug fixes, performance improvement, and a handful of features since over a year now. While it’s almost dead, if you are still hooked on to it for any reason, you should know that Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update Support Ends December 10, 2019.

This is good news, at least in theory because the dates are tentative, but can be extended. Posted by Nawzil Nejeeb, who is a senior manager at Microsoft, is his Facebook  Note 


Windows 10 Mobile Support Lifecycle

Support for Windows 10 Mobile is almost the same as other editions of Windows 10, but the support duration is slightly longer. Each version of Windows 10 Mobile is supported for around 26 months (2 years and 2 months) from the date of release.

End of support dates for each version of Windows 10 Mobile:

Windows 10 Mobile version 1511 build 10586 / Initial Release: January 9, 2018
Windows 10 Mobile version 1607 build 14393 / Anniversary Update: October 9, 2018
Windows 10 Mobile version 1703 build 15063 / Creators Update: June 11, 2019
Windows 10 Mobile version 1709 build 15254 / Fall Creators Update: December 10, 2019 *

* Tentative dates, support may be extended. The exact date will be announced within 1 year of these dates.

Lumia Support Lifecycle

Lumia phones are supported for 2 years from the date they are launched. This means they get Feature Updates during those 2 years. Each Feature Update is supported for around 26 months. The last Feature Update that a Lumia phone gets at the end of the 2 years will be supported for around 2 years, so the total support period for a Lumia phone is around 4 years from the date it is launched.

In short, a Lumia phone will get Feature Updates for 2 years and it will get Cumulative Updates for the last Feature Update for 2 more years.

Support for phones which are stuck on Anniversary Update has already ended, while those who did not pass through the FCU checklist, will see the end of support on June 11, 2019.  The end date for FCU looks a lot early and if the trend changes, we might see it getting extended.

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