Windows 10 Mobile FCU is rolling out to all devices this Week

Last week Microsoft officially listed devices which will be eligible for Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update, and today Brandon LeBlanc, a senior program manager at Microsoft has confirmed that this update will restart rolling out for all devices sometime this week. This is of course for the devices that passed through Microsoft’s eligibility test for the major update.

He said:

The Fall Creators Update for Mobile began rolling out on Oct. 17th starting with Finland. Open market devices start getting it this week.

So chances are bright that you might be getting the update already, otherwise hold on for few more days. That said, expect this as the last push for Windows 10 Mobile keeping in mind that Microsoft has already given up on the platform, and there are not many devices available in the market. The devices which are still in the market are majorly used for Business, and hence Microsoft needs to keep supporting them for a while.

Source: WPXBOX

Back to the Windows 10 Mobile FCU. There is no major update except for features that were announced for Continuum, Cortana enhancements which is common with PC, and tons of bug fixes.

It is possible that some of the devices this week might be able to get the update even if they are not on the official list. It is possible using Interop Tools 1.9, but then you are at your own risk.

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