Windows 10 PC Build 16199 and Mobile Build 15215 now Available for Insiders on Fast Ring

Windows Insiders Team is rolling out yet another build, and after Bug bash, it’s an important one when it comes to features. The build is rolling out for both PC ( Build 16199) and Mobile (15215). Mobile, as usual, includes more fixes, while PC includes something important features, especially around My People.

First Up is Story Remix which is being rolled out to some of the users who are rocking Windows 10 Insiders on the Fast ring. So chances are out of 2, one will have the Remix app while others are in control group.However, If you want to live on the bleeding edge, you can send the Story Remix Team an email for instructions on getting Story Remix early.

Emotive Experience in My People: The world we live in now, is incomplete without Emojis. They have always been the best to express, and Microsoft with My People App is making it look cooler. Next time you receive an Emoji from your Pinned contacts, it will animate the emoji right in front of your taskbar. If you’d like to turn this off, open taskbar settings by right-clicking on the taskbar.

Notification Count:  For all unread messages, you will get a count of messages from the pinned contact.

People-first Sharing: Looks like the MyPeople app is getting all the attention it should have got. When you share something from Windows 10, it will not only show those preferred contacts upfront, you can also drag and drop files over the contacts to instantly start file sharing.

You now have two easy ways to share with your people in Windows 10! Drag-and-drop files directly onto the contacts in your taskbar to start an email, or share directly to your contacts via the share picker by choosing from a list recommended people to email.

Improved Game Settings: All common audio settings have been moved under Game DVR, and you can choose “Per-app audio” to broadcast using only the game’s audio to Beam as opposed to the audio for your entire PC.

System Health ( About this PC): This section has got a cleanup, and it now pulls data from the Windows Defender Security Center to give you a glance of system health.

Auto Delete Files from Download Folder:  Storage sense gains the ability to clean up files from your Download Folder that has been unchanged in your Downloads folder for 30 days. Just go to Settings > System > Storage and click on “Change how we free up space” to adjust this setting.

Cortana on Android gets Call Notification: If you are using Cortana on Android, you can get call notification on your Windows Machine. Turn this on by going to go to “Settings” > “Sync notifications” and turn on all the Cortana cross-device features. The next time you receive a call, a notification will appear on your Fast ring PC telling you who it is and giving you the option to text back a reply or decline the call.

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