Windows 10 Photos App is getting Xbox Game DVR integration

Seems like Microsoft is adding more and more feature to the Photos App, and making it a strong, and integrated part of the ecosystem.  One of the updates that will come in Photos App will bring Xbox Game DVR integration which will make sure editing all your game clips doesn’t need any third party app or painful copy, edit, and re-upload to where you want to share.

While Microsoft has something called as Upload Studio,  but it doesn’t cut what Xbox DVR offers even on the Xbox Console, especially when Upload Studio doesn’t have 4K support.

Source: WindowsCentral

Expected Features:

  • Access your Xbox Live clip library directly from the PC Photos app.
  • You will be able to access the  Xbox Live cloud storage to access clips and videos.
  • You can edit those clips, and share it.

Windows Central reports that Microsoft is testing this feature internally. I hope Microsoft can add the capability of directly copy those files from the console to Windows 10 PC so it becomes a faster process. That said, Xbox might retain this feature as its cross-platform, but Microsoft might change it otherwise.

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