How to Enable the Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 10

Microsoft has always been serious about their Business users and making sure their workstations run-up, and at top performance. Keeping these in mind, Microsoft is offering Ultimate Performance Power Scheme, which is primarily for workstations but can be used on any Windows 10 computer. In this post, we will share how you can Enable Ultimate Performance Power Plan Windows 10. In case the setting is missing for your Windows 10 Laptop, there is a way to enable it.

How to Enable the Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 10

Microsoft offers a collection of settings that can help the OS to reach peak performance. It is based on preferences, policy, hardware, and more. It makes sure to get rid of any settings that can lower the performance.

  • Open Windows 10 Settings (WIN + I)
  • Navigate to System > Power & Sleep
  • Look for Additional Power Settings link. Click to open
  • Here, under Choose and customize your power plan, switch to Ultimate Performance option.

Windows 10 Ultimate Performance Plan

It is that easy. However, if you do not find this setting, follow our next section.

Ultimate Performance Power Plan is a tradeoff. If you run a horse extra, you need to feed him. This mode will consume more power than the default balanced plan. That is why the mode is not available for Laptops. The mode is going to make a massive difference for Windows 10 Gamers and Business consumers. They need more performance, and since most of them are connected directly to power, it’s only going to help.

How to enable Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 10 Power Settings

Enable Ultimate Performance Power Plan Windows 10

  • Right-click on the Start button, and select PowerShell (Admin)
  • In the PS prompt, execute the below-mentioned command
powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61
  • Reopen the Power Settings window, and you should have this under Other plans.
  • Select it, and it will instantly switch to Ultimate Performance mode.

We will suggest going through detailed settings to figure out which settings are enabled for Power Plan. Later if you wish to delete it, select Change Plan Settings and then choose to delete it.

Ultimate Performance Power Plan for the general consumers can be useful if they are into video editing, gaming, and anything which puts on heavy load on the computer now and then. It is not available for Laptops, and hence we had to run the PowerShell command, but if you keep it connected to power all the time, then it’s worth it.

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