Windows 10 “Sets” Feature will be available to only select Insiders

While Windows Insiders on Fast Ring get the latest update first, it seems Microsoft is going to put those insiders under A/B Test when it comes to the recently announced feature– Sets.

Sets in simple words will enable the ability of any type of Windows to club together. Not just Apps, but web pages, apps or even the WIn 32 Apps can club together which will make it convenient for research or anything which needs to stay together.

That said, Windows Insider Chief Dona Sarkar confirmed that only a smaller percentage of Windows Insiders will initially be able to test the new features. After feedbacks, it will be opened up to other insiders. In short, Microsoft will conduct a controlled study, and it also means that Tabbed feature arent up for a final release unless the feedback comes out positive.

As a tech enthusiast, I would love it, but then it has to be demanded, and useful in a real-world scenario, and depending on different kind of users, things change. That said, unless a lot of users actually find it useful, it will be dropped.

So if you are an Insider, and you get that feature, give it a try, and see how it’s working for you, and send your feedback.


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