Windows 10 Spring Update might let you run Multiple Instance of Windows 10 UWP Apps

Redstone 4 aka Windows 10 Spring Update is the next major update for Windows 10 that will arrive around March-April. Its already in the final stage of its development cycle, and now we are hearing that this version will bring support to run multiple instances of UWP Apps. That’s exciting, but..

The reason I added a but there is because this feature never made it to insiders, and that makes it highly doubtful that Microsoft will actually push it for the final release.

That said, It was interesting to find out that this feature was available with the Windows 10 Insider Preview to Build 17074, but was never much talked about. Finally, this became official with Windows 10 version 1803, but developers will have to manually opt it for this. There has to be a reason why Microsoft didn’t talk much about it, the functionality is not native to the OS, and depends totally on the developer.


In one of the Windows Community Standup episode, Microsoft has talked about it, and said that there is no limit on how many instances can be run,  crashing one instance doesn’t affect others, and developers can customize their instances. More here


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