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Windows 10 to Miss on Start Menu Layout Sync, and Remote App Installs

When using Windows 8.1, it allowed users to sync their start menu layout across devices when it used the same Microsoft account. While it sounds cool, it seems most of the consumers think otherwise and they want this feature to be gone. Microsoft seems to have followed that feedback very sharply, and this feature will be removed from Windows 10.

Windows 10 Full Screen Start Menu

The second feature that is taking off the platform is ability to remote install apps on other device, say PC at home, when you are on PC at work. This was also possible with Windows Phone devices except that you need to switch your phone and then choose to install. IMO this was very useful, because I could remotely install apps from the web, if not from within the PC, but seems most of the consumers are mostly doing it from devices.

Richard Hay at WinSuperSite has confirmed, via a Microsoft spokesperson.

“With Windows 8.1 and initial Windows 10 feedback we found that customers typically want to personalize the Start layout to match the device they are using. With the new Windows Store, scalability of universal Windows apps is fully supported across all of your devices. This means that customers can get their apps and settings available across all of their devices and still create custom Start tile layouts that make the most sense for each device and screen size.”

Microsoft has already made their Universal Store Public, and there is no way to access list of devices, and install apps on it right now which adds this as confirmation.

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