Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor : What it does when you are Low on Phone Storage

I am sure most of you have already upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile using the Upgrade Advisor App. Those who are still holding, I wanted to give you some details on well the app is done, and how beautifully it takes care when your phone storage is low. This is important because you don’t want to see those geeky error codes to figure out that free space was the problem.  Also Microsoft did a very good job here.

What happens when you are low on phone storage ?

When upgrade advisor finds out that your phone storage, specially the primary storage, is low on space, it offers multiple options to you to move your files. Video, Pictures and Music are three major media files it looks into. You are given three options here :

Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade Advisor Options

  • Move to SD Card ( Fastest)
  • Move Files to One Drive
  • Advance

Under Advance option you can choose which files you want to upload, and which ones you want to leave behind. If you don’t have a SD Card, it is best to upload to OneDrive if you have enough speed. In case you don’t have, quit the app in-between (no harm done), and connect to your PC, and copy all the files. You an even delete files right form there.

If you cant, and your have give you surge to upgrade,  then get into details options, select files which you want to backup, choose only important ones, and then upload to OneDrive. This way you will not loose important files. Pictures is something you can skip if you are sure that they are on OneDrive already.



A Job Well Done:

You have multiple choices, and you can select from few files to complete collection to backup.  You have to give a pat to the Microsoft guys to design this so well. The upgrade advisor makes sure that you don’t have to skip the app to get the job done or connect the PC to get it done. Everything can be managed from here. This is something I always expect for smooth transition to upgrade you waited really long.

Below is the galley which shows most of the aspects of the Upgrade Advisor:

What do you think of the Upgrade Advisor? How was your upgrade experience ? Any suggestions?

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