Windows 10 will let you reduce Data usage for Updates in next Version

While the internet bandwidth usage and data availability have reached all high, Microsoft is still offering an option on how one can control the data usage when it comes to downloading the updates. The next version of Windows 10, dubbed as Fall / Autumn Creators Update offers set of controls just for the same.

The option does make sense for those countries where the data bandwidth offered by ISPs is still limited, especially with Windows 10 offering option to download from other PCs from the internet to speed up the download of the update. However, do remember that this option will not stop downloading the update on your PC.

Windows 10 Update Delivery Optimization:

Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advance Option and select Delivery Optimization > Advanced Option.  This page lets you decide or set a specific limit if you are worried about data usage. Just that you know that Windows 10 always dynamically optimize the amount of bandwidth for both upload and download of the Windows Update and App updates.

Here you can set limit for

  • Bandwidth used for download updates in the background.
  • Bandwidth used for Uploading updates to other PCs on the internet.
  • Set monthly upload limit.

To check all the activities, go back to Delivery Optimization, and select Activity Monitor. Here you get all upload and download stats.

It’s a great option, in my opinion, to let the user decide to push the update to next month or cycle in case they are running out of bandwidth. I am sure that that security updates will still download to make sure you don’t get stuck with any Ransomware malware and Zero day attacks.

Also, I will suggest you disable the option to send updates over the internet to make sure you are saving a good amount of bandwidth. If you have a couple of PCs and Laptops at home, it is the best way to update all the PCs without consuming data.

Ashish Mohta
A die-hard fan of Windows, PC Gaming, and Xbox. He is a seasoned content writer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He is a specialist in writing about Windows, software reviews, troubleshooting Windows, and automation.


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