Windows Phone 8 Apollo Screenshots Leak – Integrated Skype and Inbuilt Data Monitoring Tool Confirmed

The folks over at NokiaInnovation have managed to get their hands on some leaked screenshots of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) OS. The leaked screenshots suggest that Skype is going to be tightly integrated, probably at core level itself, with WP8. Users will be able to initiate a call or Skype message right from a user’s profile from the People Hub itself.

Apart from this, one leaked screenshot also shows off what is apparently the new camera application UI in WP8. Nokia has somewhat confirmed that it will be bringing its Pure View technology to its Lumia range of devices, and supposedly the new camera interface will be made in such a way to harness the full power of the Pure View technology. Another leaked screenshot also suggests that Windows Phone Apollo 8 will be coming with an in-built 3G data monitoring tool as available on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Microsoft will be holding a special Windows Phone related event at June 20, where it will be giving us sneak peek of Widows Phone 8.

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