Windows Phone 8 Details Leaked; NFC, Multi-Core Processor, Native Code Support and More!

The folks over at PocketNow have managed to get quite a lot of information about the next major version of Windows Phone – codenamed Apollo.

With Apollo/Windows Phone 8, Microsoft will add support for multi-core processors, higher resolution screens, hot-swappable microSD cards, NFC and much more.

One of the key changes in WP8 will be its tight integration with Windows 8. Not only will the next major version of the desktop OS share some key components with WP8, it will also allow developers to reuse most of their code, whenever they port their app from a Desktop to phone. Microsoft will also scrap the Zune client for a “dedicated companion application”.

Another key change in WP8, which will be appreciated by developers, is that MS will allow native code support which would allow developers to create more powerful apps, and easily port their Android/iOS app to WP7.

Apollo will also feature a very tight integration with Skype, a very sophisticated data management system which would automatically switch to a Wi-Fi network, when available, so as to save your mobile data bandwith. For business and enterprise users, WP8 will apparently feature native BitLocker encryption similar to the one found in Windows 7.

Windows Phone 8/Apollo will include many other changes, and I would strongly recommend readers to read the original post on PocketNow for more info.

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