Windows Phone : Enable / Disable WiFi, Data, Bluetooth from Start Screen ( Live Tiles )

Options like Turn WiFi, Data, Bluetooth and Airport on or off are few such menus which are often accessed but are set so deep beneath settings that it takes a lot of time to use them. Since Windows Phone make use of Live Tile, most of the Windows Phone user would have loved if these settings could have been just pinned on the start menu.

Till we don’t get that feature until, may be Windows Phone 8, Network Dashboard for Windows Phone is an excellent app which allows you to bring all these said settings as Live Tiles and let you pin to the start menu.

Network Dashboard acts as container of all these 4 settings in form of Tiles, each of which can be pressed long to bring pin to start menu. Now when you tap any of these tiles it takes you directly to that settings section bypassing all the other settings i.e. If you press the WiFi Tile, it opens WiFi Settings and then you need to turn it off from there.

Network Dashboard

So basically the tiles act as path instead of action buttons but they do save a lot of time. One thing to remember is if you turn on or off any of the four said settings, you should always do it via the widget or the tiles. This way the widget can track and display the status on the Live Tile properly.

If you do not do that and turn off by manually going to Windows Phone settings, the Live Tile will not display it properly unless the app is restarted. However with a recent update, it will check in background and sync the status and update the tiles automatically.

When WiFi, Bluetooth, Data or Airplane mode is turned off, there is a green square that gets displayed to give you idea of status.

Also the tiles are like any other tiles on start menu and can be uninstalled by pressing it for bit long and then tap the un-pin action icon that gets displayed.

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