Windows Phone : How to Transfer Songs / Videos over Bluetooth & NFC

I got a request on our YouTube Channel asking for a video that can explain on how to share songs and videos from Windows Phone. Though this looks like a very simple task, problem is that the absence of a dedicated File explorer in Windows Phone results in different approach for media sharing. Windows Phone lists these files in their apps i.e. Music + Video, Photos, PDF, etc.

Bluetooth File Sharing

So to share Music or Video follow the steps as below:

First turn on Bluetooth and NFC on Windows Phone. The OS acts dumb by not listing Bluetooth and NFC when you choose sharing if it is not turned on. Also make sure to connect with the Bluetooth device prior to sharing files. This will speed up sharing.

  • Now Launch Music + Videos App.
  • Select Music or Video depending on what you plan to share.
  • This will list the respective files.
  • If you are sharing Music, Switch to Songs View. Here you will see individual music files listed.
  • Long press any of them and choose SHARE.
  • Next you will have option to choose Bluetooth or NFC.
  • The same goes for Video files.

Demo Video:

That Said, Bluetooth file sharing in Windows Phone is still incomplete. Not only does it suffers from the drawback of missing Received and Send Section, it also suffers from standard difference when it comes to different devices. I have seen file transfer failing over NFC and Bluetooth a couple of times.

Windows Phone 7.8 users are lucky to have Bluetooth Share app from Nokia. This app has dedicated notification system and can be used as one stop app to share files. I hope Nokia will release this to Windows Phone 8 users.

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  1. Hi Ashish, Wonderful help u offer here…simply great!
    I just bought a Lumia 720 and I was trying something similar to this and it was kinda not working… I turned BT on in lumia 720 and from another nokia phone (which had BT on) sent a MP3 file over to Lumia 720….file got transferred but when i reached 100%, i saw error “nothing is being shared at this moment” ….Boom! I am not able to find the mp3 in Music and Videos too! Can you help?? thnx in advance…..

  2. Hey Ankir, Just make sure that Bluetooth connection does not closes and transfer will take place.

  3. Mr.Ashish i have tried to send mp3 song via my lumia 820 to my android phone through bluetooth, but it not happening.
    Plz guide me how to send it

  4. Hey ashish im using lumia 720. I cant send videos through NFC . Even if i turned on BT and tap+send options ,i cant find the share option for videos… Please help me

  5. Hey Dinesh,

    That’s a problem with the Windows Phone. To share any video, first you need to connect with PC and move your videos into Camera Roll Folder. Then you will have option to share it.

  6. Hi Ashish,
    Using lumia 625 i recently got a important PDF file transferred into it through BT, i can read that file on phone but needs to copy it to my PC.
    How is it possible ?

  7. Connect it with your PC, When the phone shows up, get inside and look for Document folders. It should be inside it.

  8. All that stuff i have already checked. Document folder is empty. Its ridiculous that windows does not provide way to get my own file back to me in a normal fashion.
    i have managed to get the file but its really bad.
    Missing my old android.

  9. I have recently purchased Sony bluetooth headset SBH-50 & paired with Lumia 720. Everything is working well. The only problem I am facing is when I stream audio MP3 to the headset (I have connected it to my stereo system) I have noticed considerable hiccups. I played music from phone & wi-fi. In both cases I am experiencing the same problem. This problem doesn’t come when I stream to the same headset using another android based samsung handset. I will appreciate if you can help me over this issue.

  10. hi..
    I am able to send songs and other files to a different device but, how do i send my videos on it and also can i share my videos on wats app. Only the received video file is possible, nor the saved or downloaded ones.

    Can u please help me out through this problem.

  11. To share any video, first you need to connect with PC and move your videos into Camera Roll Folder. Then you will have option to share it.

  12. HI….That’s a problem with the Windows Phone. To share any video, first you need to connect with PC and move your videos into Camera Roll Folder. Then you will have option to share it.

  13. I own a Nokia Lumia 720.I have downloaded videos from the YouTube app. The downloaded files are not shown in the phone. I can access it only from the app. Neither I can share it via Bluetooth. Is there a solution for this?

  14. You all who are Windows Phone users and facing a problem to share Videos from your phone,don’t get upset.just move your videos to Camera Roll folder. Process : Photos in start menu -> Camera Roll -> you can see all your videos which you have copied in that folder.Tap and hold that video which you want to share.Share option will arrive.But keep it in your mind that except Camera Roll folder you can’t transfer video.Because Camera roll folder is pure Admin acceded folder.Means if and only if you are accessing that folder,any sharing activity can be performed.Means any software can’t access that folder.that means the risk of Trojan horse like program is reduced by this technology.That is a great technology but is beyond to know for us.

  15. Hey I just brought nokia 630 but m not been able to send any audio file (mp3) through waysapp…….is there ny kind of app for tht or there is a other way to do that plz replay

  16. Someone plz tell me how to send songs through bluetooth on nokia x mobiles. Iam getting frustrated with this thing now even the nokia xl has d same issues plz help

  17. The songs i bluetoothed from my pc to my nokia lumia 630 went missing. I had them for a few days on my playlist and now its gone. And so are the photos i snapped. How do i not get them to go missing or deleted on my phone? Its driving me nuts! Please help me Ashish!

  18. Danny
    Hi Ashish, I’m having problems doing transfers from my NokiA X to other phones, but i can easily receive from them. Kinda need your help on this, thanks.

  19. Hi Ashish!
    I have received an audio file on WhatsApp in Lumia 630. I have searched for this file in my entire phone but it is to be found nowhere.
    I urgently need to attach and send this file on email. How should I do that…?
    Please help!

  20. hi, i have a lumia 625, when it connected to system it is showing camera icon. it is lanching camera, what is the problem

  21. Sharing RAW files of the App is not possible. You can share a link of the app, and the second person need to install it by downloading it again.

  22. hi! I downloaded “tube pro App” on my lumia 530 where most of my music videos I connected my phone to laptop and I cnt find those videos.where do I go to find those videos?

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