Windows Phone Marketplace Goes Live In 23 Additional Countries; New SDK Released With Access To 256MB Emulator

The Nokia event at MWC just got over, and the company announced a bunch of new stuffs including a new Lumia handset, the 610. The Lumia 610 is the cheapest Windows Phone ever, and packs in a less powerful hardware than all other WP7 handsets in the market. The handset also only packs in 256MB of RAM, compared to the standard 512MB of RAM found in all WP7 phones.

The Lumia 610 runs on a new updated version of Windows Phone 7.5 that is optimized to run on handsets with only 256MB of RAM. The updated version also has the technology to support networks in China, and comes with language support for Malay and Indonesian.

Along with this, Microsoft has also extended the WP7 Marketplace to 23 additional markets including China, Iceland, Iraq, Israel, UAE, Turkey, Thailand and others. The full list of countries can be found here. Microsoft has also amended its Marketplace policies to adhere to some of the local laws in China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Redmond based company has also released a technical preview of the WP7 SDK that gives developers access to the 256MB version of the emulator. This will allow developers to make sure that their apps run smoothly on WP7 handsets with low amount of RAM without any hiccups. Since the SDK update is just a technical preview, it does not have the “go live” license, so developers cannot publish their apps created with this SDK version. A new version of the SDK with the Go live license will be released next month.

Developers also have the option to decide whether they want their apps to be available to WP7 handsets with low amount of RAM.

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