Windows Skip Ahead : Which Insiders Build Option to choose?

Rocking a Windows 10 PC with Windows 10 Insiders Program is not easy. Continous updates, bugs, and fixes take a lot of nerve to do it. In today’s announcement of Insider Build, Microsoft has rolled out an option of “skip ahead”. This feature lets you choose if you want to keep getting Active Development builds for Windows 10 or Skip to the next Windows 10 OS update when it rolls out.

In this post, I am highlighting those features, and help you understand it a bit.

Short and Simple:

  • Active development of Windows
    • Read this as Current Active development of Windows
    • Get RTM (Fall Creators Update) earlier.
  • Skip ahead to the next Windows release
    • Read this as Ride to the Future Windows Features and Updates
    • You won’t even get a day to actually test the RTM, but keep getting new features and updates.

If you want to keep receiving development builds, even post-Fall Creators Update, then you choose to “Skip ahead”, and keep getting builds even when the RTM is out. However, if you want to stay on the current Active Development Cycle which will lead you to RTM, and then follow the regular insider’s update.  These options are independent of Fast or Slow ring configurations.

You should know this feature is temporary. It will be rolled back after Fall Creators Update is rolled out to everyone, and you will be back to the regular insider’s update

Why is Microsoft introducing this option now?

If you are one of those users who always wanted to skip out for some time, and tired of it, then you must be thinking that Microsoft should have got this out earlier. Well, that’s not the point.  Windows 10 Development is a continuous process. It’s not like the company takes a break for next couple of months before starting the development work again. This is why you get the new option of Skip ahead to the next Windows Release.

This is why you get the new option of Skip ahead to the next Windows Release. This makes sure Microsoft gets to release more features even before rolling out the Next major update of Windows 10. This also means you will get the RTM early, but since the next update will be around the corner, don’t be too happy about it. It will take you to the new ride.

Recently Dona Sarkar, Lead of Windows Insiders Program tweeted that The official build number of the RTM will be announced, so you get the idea.

What do you guys think? Confusing Enough? I bet!

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  1. I still don’t get it. But what about the app updates? Which option will give me continuous app updates with new features?

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