Windows vs MacOS for Students in 2020

According to the official statistics, computers running on Microsoft Windows take 91% of the total market, while devices running on macOS take only 8%. Do these statistics suggest that MacOS is worse than Windows? Or are Apple devices “give way” to other brands? The reasons for Windows vs. Mac fight are more prosaic, and now we’re going to go over them.

Windows Vs MacOS for Students in 2020

Windows Vs MacOS for Students


macOS is installed solely on Apple Mac technology, while Windows is a “free” operating system, and dozens of manufacturers install it on their computers. You can find more MacBooks than any other brands of laptops, but in general, Windows PC is much larger in number.

Image of Expensive Devices

While selecting Apple vs. Windows, let’s take into account that Apple laptops are several times more expensive than the most advanced laptops of other brands. It has an impact on the number of purchasers. A lot of people think that such price policy is unreasonable. It may be noted that build quality, performance, and durability of Apple laptops are much higher than gadgets of other brands. Besides, add to that modern aesthetic design, ergonomics, and style — as a result, we get the more expensive device.

What Should Students Choose?

There is no clear and convincing answer to this question. Everything depends on the user’s personal preferences and the tasks to be performed. Moreover, it’s essential to bear in mind the owner’s attitude to the reliability and durability of the device. As a rule, Apple devices live longer; that means that they are less likely to be replaced. At the same time, there are users who don’t mind updating their technology annually.

To sum up, Apple laptops position as business devices. They are preferred by people whose work is closely related to the use of а computer. Along with people in business, college students don’t mind drawing on the Apple brand to look for college homework websites, watch movies, or playing games. It’s not a secret that laptops of other brands are more suitable for playing online games. People in business, creative people, and professionals prefer MacBook for its dependability, excellent performance, and design. Users who complete standard tasks see no reason to overpay for the design and popularity and prefer to buy laptops of other brands.

Forget About Viruses

Antivirus companies are in a panic as the share of PC is gradually decreasing while the share of MacBooks is increasing rapidly. The officials of such companies call any malicious program a virus, although they know that it’s not true. Of course, you feel stressed because of fear of losing your important files, especially if it’s your college paper. For example, you found the answer to the question, “Who can do my homework online?”, chose the credible writing service, discussed all the points, and got your paper delivered on time, but harmful viruses “killed” your paper. It sounds like a nightmare, isn’t it? Start using Mac and forget about viruses and antiviruses. Make sure your operating system always gets the latest updates, and Apple takes care of you.

Devices Maintenance

If we look deeper into the Mac vs. PC confrontation, their maintenance comes to our minds immediately. Don’t be afraid of Apple devices as complicated and expensive to maintain. macOS far exceeds Windows, as it’s more stable and secure. All you have to do is get used to it, and in a short time, you will be able to take full advantage of all the features you have. If you have some issues with macOS, you will seek the technical assistance specialized service center.

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