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Enable Dark Mode in Windows

How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 11/10

If you are a person who stares at your computer screen all day, then it is strongly recommended that you find a way and enable Dark Mode on your computer or...
Change Taskbar and Icons Location Windows

How to Change Taskbar and its Icons Location in Windows 11/10

The taskbar is an important part of Windows customization, and while it is available at the bottom, as default, not everyone likes it. So if you have the question of whether the...
Miracast for Windows: How to Setup & Troubleshoot (Windows 11/10)

Miracast for Windows: How to Setup & Troubleshoot (Windows 11/10)

There are many occasions when you want to share your computer screen with a wireless monitor or mirror your phone screen to your computer. And for this, Miracast is one of...
How to access Local User and Groups in Windows 10 Home

How to Access Local Users and Groups in Windows 11/10

Most of us use Windows 10/11 settings app to access user accounts on our computers. But it doesn’t really offer us detailed information about the users and groups on your PC....
How to Bypass TPM Requirement for Windows 11 and Install It

How to Bypass TPM Requirement for Windows 11 and Install It

Microsoft has released a PC Health Check app that lets you determine whether your PC can run Windows 11. Sadly, there are a lot of people with unsupported hardware that majorly...
How to Enable TPM in Windows

How to Enable TPM in Windows PC? Does my PC have TPM?

TPM or Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a hardware chip used to enable security features such as Windows Hello, Extended BitLocker verification, and many more. If you need to enable TPM...
Check if PC Upgradeable to Windows 11

How to Check If Your PC Is Upgradeable to Windows 11

Microsoft has just taken the wraps off Windows 11. The new OS brings a revamped Start menu without Live Tiles and new icon positioning on the taskbar. The changes brought about...
Enable Disable Compact Mode File Explorer

How To Enable or Disable Compact View in File Explorer in Windows

If you are running the latest version of Windows, the default layout of File Explorer has changed. Now it comes with additional padding between elements. However, some users didn’t like this...
How to Center Taskbar Icons in Windows

How to Center Align Taskbar Icons in Windows 10

With Windows 11, the Start Menu is now centered, though you can still move it to the left if you like. If you’re wondering whether users can align the icons to...
How to Update Microsoft Edge Desktop Mobile

How to Update Microsoft Edge on Desktop and Mobile

Microsoft Edge is one of the best browsers available out there. The browser is known for offering a better performance compared to any other browsers out there. It also offers Kids...

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