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The ultimate stop for guides on Windows 11, Windows 10, and the previous version of Windows. Right from upgrading Windows to all the small tips and tricks, you need to manage your Windows PC

Best Tips to Personalize Windows

Best Tips to Personalize Windows 11 PC

Windows 11 comes with a new look and feel. The taskbar now sits in the middle, the settings page is completely changed, and there are many other changes that you get...
Cast Media to Device Microsoft Edge

How to Stream Videos from Microsoft Edge to Xbox /Smart TV/DLNA/Miracast Devices

When watching a video on Microsoft Edge, if you want to stream it to Xbox, your Smart TV, or any DLNA/Miracast enabled device, this guide will help you do that. The...
Microsoft Edge Beginner's Guide

Microsoft Edge Tips to Get You Started (Beginner’s Guide)

Without any doubt, Microsoft Edge is a pretty powerful browser and a great alternative to Google Chrome. It has many excellent features and offers you a smooth browsing experience. However, if...
Edit Videos In Windows Photos App

How To Edit Videos In The Windows Photos App

Windows 11/10 latest features have already made our life easy, where you feel connected to the world with a simple click.  If you want to edit videos using the Photo App,...
Best Email Clients for Windows

Ten Best Email Clients for Windows 11/10

The best email client for Windows is essential if you have multiple email addresses and receive many emails each day. When choosing the best email clients for Windows, you should first...
How to Fix Corrupt Windows User Profile

How to Fix Corrupt Windows User Profile

Trying to login into your Windows user account but getting errors like user profile cannot be loaded? If yes, then this means that your user profile is corrupted. As a result,...
How to Add Family Member Account on Windows 11/10

How to Add Family Member Account on Windows 11/10

Windows comes with solid support for Family & Kids Features, allowing you to manage them on the same PC or another PC. If you want to enable Family Member access on...
How to Auto Kill Not Responding Program in Windows

How To Auto Kill Not Responding Programs in Windows 11/10

It's common for a program to hang in Windows. Sometimes it's because of a lack of resources. Sometimes it's just there and becomes inaccessible. While you can kill them using the...
How to find what version of windows do i have

How To Find What Version of Windows Do I Have?

The need to know what Windows version we are running is pretty rare. However, when it comes to upgrading your PC or installing a game or software, you might want to...
How to switch users in Windows

How to Switch Users in Windows 11/10

Windows supports multi-user. As a result, a single computer can be used by different users, and they will have their files and programs separated from the other users. But there are...

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