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Everything You Should Know about Windows 10

How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10

How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10

If you are trying to set up a new monitor to go with your Windows 10 PC, you might face some issues with display scaling and resolution; or your laptop manufacturer...
How to Sync Settings in Windows 10

How to Sync Settings in Windows 10 and Fix Sync Issues

First introduced with Windows 8, Sync Settings help you synchronize all your settings across devices you sign in with your Microsoft Account. Saved passwords, favorites, appearance options are a few settings...
Remove Password Reveal Button

How to Remove the Password Reveal button on the Sign-in screen on Windows 10

Windows introduced the password reveal button back with Windows 8. When one begins to enter the password into the text box on Windows 10 logon screen, Windows displays a password reveal...
How to Lock Windows 10 PC [Multiple Ways]

How to Lock Screen in Windows 10 [Multiple Ways]

Locking your Windows 10 computer screen is essential for protecting your data from roaming eyes. This is peculiarly true in the workplace. You wouldn't want your colleagues to see you dressed...
Send Fax Windows

How to Send a Fax from Windows 10

As technology evolves, both individuals and companies are forced to adapt to stay relevant. When it comes to sharing and sending important documents, faxing is still a preferred method of communication...
How to Password Protect Applications in Windows 10

How to Password Protect Applications in Windows 10

Windows has always had several essential applications that one can’t live without, and with the arrival of Windows 10, the list has been growing. Especially with social media applications such as...
Papa Saga Windows 10

Download Papa Pear Saga on Windows 10

King, the company behind one of the most popular games, Candy Crush, has now got their "Papa Pear Saga" game to Windows 10. The game has just been cited on the...
Hulu App Windows 10

Download Hulu App for Windows 10 PC & Mobile

If you're a fan of TV shows, movies, and more, you'll want to make sure you take advantage of the great apps that are available for Windows 10. One of the...
Adguard AdBlocker for Microsoft Edge

Download Adguard AdBlocker for Microsoft Edge

Adguard is a popular ad-blocking tool, and it's available for Microsoft Edge thanks to the Edge Extension. It's not as comprehensive as the Adblock Plus browser extension regarding blocking ads. Still,...
Download Candy Crush Windows 10

Download Candy Crush Saga on Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Wondering how to play Candy Crush Saga on your Windows 10 PC? Look no further—with Candy Crush Saga for Windows 10, you can play your favorite addictive puzzle game on your...

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