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How to use Windows media creation tool

How to Use Windows Media Creation Tool to Upgrade or Create USB

There are times when Windows acts weird or doesn’t function the way it should, and reinstalling Windows is the only solution. But downloading and installing Windows can be a pretty frustrating...
How to see all installed apps in Windows

How To See All Installed Apps in Windows 11/10?

Windows OS without apps and software is no fun. Whatever you wish to do with your computer requires a dedicated app or software. However, sometimes we install too many apps on...
Fix Screen flickering Windows

How To Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 11/10?

Working with a flickering screen is irritating, and there is no doubt about it. It gives you a bad headache and almost makes it impossible for you to continue with your...

How To Run as Administrator (Any Program) On Windows PC?

By default, Windows runs programs in user mode. However, there are certain programs that you might want to run as an administrator, like Windows Terminal. And running it with administrator privileges...
How to Open Task Manager

How to Open Task Manager in Windows (Multiple Ways)

The Task Manager in Windows is a very important and powerful tool that allows a user to monitor system resource usage for running apps, background processes, CPU, GPU, memory, storage, and...
Eye Control Feature Windows

How to Troubleshoot Eye Control Feature in Windows 11/10

People with disabilities will soon be able to use an Eye Tracker to access their Windows PC. At Microsoft's latest hackathon, the firm introduced the 'Eye Control' feature. The function is...
Eye Control Feature Windows

How To Use The Eye Control Feature In Windows 11/10?

Just when we thought windows couldn't get any better, it does. Microsoft has developed a new eye control feature for the newly launched Windows 11, and some of the full creators...
Keyboard Typing Numbers Instead of Letters

How to Fix Your Keyboard Typing Numbers Instead of Letters

You’re on a typing spree and while doing so you notice that your keyboard is typing numbers instead of letters at places? It is undoubtedly irritating. Let's take a closer look...
How to remove programs in Windows

How To Remove Programs in Windows 11/10?

Removing a program is an essential feature. It helps you to get rid of the applications that you don’t use anymore. Or you are trying to reinstall a program. So the...
select export file format to save scan documents

How to Open Scan App on Windows 11/10?

Scanning documents or images is one of the everyday tasks that we perform. We scan documents to send them over email, digitalize hard copies, and so on. However, there are a...

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