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The ultimate stop for guides on Windows 11, Windows 10, and the previous version of Windows. Right from upgrading Windows to all the small tips and tricks, you need to manage your Windows PC

Run Multiple Instances of Regedit in Windows

How to Run Multiple Instances of Regedit in Windows 11/10

Searching for tips online on how to change something on Windows often results in articles instructing you to edit the registry. While Regedit or the Registry Editor helps make changes to...
change default microphone windows

How to Change Default Microphone in Windows 11/10

Do you have a bunch of microphones connected to your Windows system? If yes, then I can understand how confusing it would be to manage all the input devices. However, Windows...
Fix Bluetooth Connections Windows

How to Fix Connections to Bluetooth in Windows 11/10

A Bluetooth device connects wirelessly. With Windows 11/10, users can utilize Bluetooth to pair wireless keyboards, mice, phones, speakers, and more. While it works flawlessly in most scenarios, users may run...
Dell Mobile Connect App

Install Dell Mobile Connect App on Any Windows 10 PC Using These Steps

Dell first announced the Dell Mobile Connect App at CES 2018, which allowed anybody having an Android or iPhone to connect to their PC and get notifications, hands-free phone calls, messaging, and...
Enable Hyper V Windows Home

How to Install and Enable Hyper-V on Windows 11/10 Home

Microsoft has been developing its own virtual machine application called Hyper-V to provide built-in virtual machine capabilities on Windows. Hyper-V is similar to other virtual machine applications because it allows users...
Clone hard drive windows

How to Clone a Hard Drive on Windows 11/10

One of the biggest pain when using Windows is when it crashes, and then you need to reinstall everything. The OS, Applications, Sync Cloud Drives, and so many other things. The...
Fix Cant Change Windows Taskbar Color

Fix: Can’t Change Windows Taskbar Color

Who doesn’t love customization? Customization helps us to get a personalized experience. To help you customize your PC, Windows offers you a ton of customization features. Among them, one is to...
How to factory reset a windows computer

How to Factory Reset Your Windows 11 PC

Although Windows 11 is, for the most part, more trouble-free than previous versions, there are times when things go wrong. If your Windows 11 machine is acting poorly, it may be...
How to Change VPN Connection in Windows

How to Change VPN Connection in Windows

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is an essential service for the modern-day internet. As there are different trackers are available on the web that tracks each of our activities. Hence,...
How to Install Windows 11 using Hyper-V

How to Install Windows 11 Using Hyper-V in Windows

Using a virtual machine is a great option if you want to run Windows 11 on your PC but don't want to risk replacing your current version of Windows with a...

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