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Enable Extension from Third Party

How to Download and Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a multi-purpose browser with many built-in features and abilities, but it also offers extensions that allow you to expand and add on to what is already there. This...
Microsoft Edge Grammarly Extension

Download Grammarly for Microsoft Edge for Free

Grammarly is one service I use every day, and I had to stop using Edge mostly because there was no support for it, but not anymore.  It was already available in...
How to Transfer Windows 10 Product Key to Another PC

How to Transfer a Windows 10 License to another Computer

If you have recently purchased a new device, there's a high probability that it might come with a copy of Windows pre-installed. However, if you've built a custom PC or are...
How To Delete Usage History in Windows 10

How To Delete Usage History in Windows 10

Windows 10 gathers and saves a user's activity history on the local computer and the cloud. It stores data from Edge's browsing history to the information of the apps you open,...
ColorPicker PowerToys Featured

How to Pickup Color from Anywhere in Windows

There are situations when one would like to pick the same color either from an image or a part of Windows. If you're looking for a way to do the same,...

How to Enlarge Print Size while Printing in Windows 10

If you have been trying to print something either from a browser or from Windows's native print dialog, and the font appears to be very tiny, you're not alone. There are...
How to group Taskbar shortcuts in Windows 10

How to group Taskbar shortcuts in Windows 10

The taskbar is one of the most frequently accessed features in Windows 10; it makes launching apps much quicker and easier. However, in the process of making the apps launch quicker,...
How to Pause Windows 10 Updates

How to change automatic Windows Update to manual in Windows 10

Windows 10 is one of Microsoft's best operating system, and most of the new computers are coming with the pre-installed version of it nowadays. It offers excellent features and functionalities, but...
Factory Reset Your Windows 10 PC

How to Factory Reset Windows 10

Windows 10 holds the status of being one of Microsoft's most stable releases in the past years. However, a series of issues and buggy updates have slightly spoiled this reputation in...
How to Disable Touchpad in Windows 10

How to Disable Touchpad in Windows 10

The touchpad on a laptop is one of the most important features, allowing users to scroll and click through webpages and apps easily. It usually does everything that a normal mouse...

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