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The ultimate stop for guides on Windows 11, Windows 10, and the previous version of Windows. Right from upgrading Windows to all the small tips and tricks, you need to manage your Windows PC

How to Setup and Use Windows Hello in Windows 11/10

How to Setup and Use Windows Hello in Windows 11/10

With Windows 11/10, Microsoft has bought in many changes and introduced several features. One of them is Windows Hello. It adds biometric security to your Windows machine. Now with the help...
How to Show or Hide Libraries in Windows 11

How to Show or Hide Libraries In Windows 11/10

Libraries consist of four folders majorly that assist users in managing the four most common file types: documents, music, photos, and videos. Windows Libraries are a fantastic method to keep your...
Disable Windows Key Shortcuts

How to Disable the Windows Key Shortcuts

The Start Menu is accessed by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard. The Windows or Win key can help you perform activities and instructions that you generally execute using a...

How To Show Desktop Icons on Windows 11/10?

Desktop icons are pretty helpful. They give you quick access to your computer, network, or recycle bin. However, by default Windows 11 and Windows 10 don’t come with any desktop icons....
Split Screen Windows 10

How to Split Screen in Windows 11/10

With ultra-wide and dual-screen monitors becoming common, multitasking is becoming a breeze. If one works with several open windows, he likely spends a lot of time moving among them. At once,...
Get Old Context Menu Windows

How to Get the Old Right-Click Context Menu on Windows 11

Windows 11 introduces an entirely new user interface that places a greater emphasis on simplicity. The most recent version of Windows has a centered Start Menu and taskbar, rounded edges, and...
reinstall audio device Windows

How To Reinstall Audio Device in Windows 11/10?

Audio is one of the essential things on your computer. Without audio, you cannot watch your favorite movie, join video calls or listen to Windows notification tones, click sound, and more....
How to use Windows media creation tool

How to Use Windows Media Creation Tool to Upgrade or Create USB

There are times when Windows acts weird or doesn’t function the way it should, and reinstalling Windows is the only solution. But downloading and installing Windows can be a pretty frustrating...
How to see all installed apps in Windows

How To See All Installed Apps in Windows 11/10?

Windows OS without apps and software is no fun. Whatever you wish to do with your computer requires a dedicated app or software. However, sometimes we install too many apps on...
Fix Screen flickering Windows

How To Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 11/10?

Working with a flickering screen is irritating, and there is no doubt about it. It gives you a bad headache and almost makes it impossible for you to continue with your...

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