How to Perform Pen Drive Recovery and Protect Your Data

pen drive recovery

In the present fast-paced world, over data holds utmost importance in our life. For instance, losing our vital documents or photos can be one of the toughest things for anyone. If you are also going through a similar situation or would like to avoid it altogether, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will teach you ...

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YouTubNow Review: Is it really the best online YouTube downloader?

Youtube Downloader

 YouTube is arguably one of the biggest video streaming platforms there is. Be it music, short films or reviews, the platform has something to offer in every category imaginable. However, not being able to download our favorite videos is something that everybody holds against the free version of YouTube. So, the most obvious step next would be to rely on ...

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12 Best Pen Friendly Apps for Windows Ink

Best Pen Friendly Apps for Windows Ink

Windows 10 has brought the users a very pen friendly app with a Windows Ink in the Anniversary Update. The update might appear to be a gimmick to you if you haven’t used such features before in any devices. Here is our list of Best Pen Friendly Apps for Windows Ink. Anyone using a touchscreen mobile or PC surface will ...

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How to Create and Manage Hard Drive Partitions on Windows 10

Create and Manage Hard Drive Partitions

Most of the new laptops nowadays come with the drive partitioned into only two sections, i.e., C: drive and the D: drive. Suppose the physical disk has a capacity of 1 TB, then most of the space will be given to the C: drive, close to 900 GB and the rest of the storage space will be for D: drive. ...

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How to Send and Receive Text Messages from Windows 10 PC

Send and Receive Text Messages from Windows 10 PC

Sending the regular text message is still popular, and if you want to send & receive Text Messages from Windows 10 PC, there is a much easier way now. You don’t need to use the Windows messaging app anymore. Windows 10 Mobile has been abandoned. It makes more sense to use modern methods. In this post, we are covering only ...

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How to download free Live wallpaper in Windows 10 (Animated)

download free Live wallpaper

Do you know why people go crazy over live wallpapers? For one, they are much better than the plain wallpapers which have the image of some beautiful places which you have never visited or probably never will, but moreover, it gives a touch of life to your device. In this post, we have a shared list of software to download ...

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10 Best Game Recording Software for Windows 10

10 Best Game Recording Software for Windows 10

Gaming is a prime source of entertainment for many people globally. Almost every game includes some secret that’s why every user requires guidance to understand it properly and play at its best. Gaming communities offer video tutorials of many games that help beginners learn and master it quickly. Since average users like you and me create these video tutorials, many ...

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How to use create a full backup of Windows 10 on a USB drive

Full Backup of Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with an in-built backup system which can create a system image or full backup of your Windows 10 PC. The image can then be later used to restore Windows 10 to the same state when you took the backup. The biggest problem with this system is that it does not allow to back up or create a ...

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20 Best Themes for Windows 10

The Microsoft store has some of the most amazing themes that can be used to decorate your Windows 10 PC if you are using Insiders Build, and in future with Creators Update or above. If you love to personalize your PC with the kind of pictures that reflect you, then you will be delighted to go through some of these ...

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Ten Best Email Clients for Windows 10

Best Email Clients for Windows 10

With each day passing the number of bloggers and the email senders are increasing at quite a fast pace. Our lives are as it is hectic, and the continuous stream of emails makes it unbearable. At times like this, what is essential is a good email client, which will take care of all the email requirements of our life and ...

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