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How to Insert an Image in a Cell in Google Sheets

How to Insert an Image in a Cell in Google Sheets

Images are a great way to improve a presentation. Inserting a photo into a Google sheets workbook could help you grab a reader's attention. Let’s say you have a bunch of...
Best Microsoft Excel Tips Tricks and Shortcuts for Productivity

Best Microsoft Excel Tips Tricks and Shortcuts for Productivity

Microsoft Excel is an essential productivity tool. The ability to easily manage, report on and visualize tables of data is one of Excel's greatest strengths. Many people, however, find Excel tedious...
Artificial intelligence Email Marketing

Artificial intelligence in Email Marketing: How it Works?

Artificial Intelligence is the result of human intelligence and its brilliance. Are you longing to know the significance of Artificial Intelligence? How does this interfere with Email Marketing? Read more to...
Setup Meeting Microsoft Teams

How to Set Up or Schedule a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Do you need to set up a meeting in advance using Microsoft Teams? Are you ready to instantly start a meeting? Here is an easy guide to set up or schedule...
Shareit Xender Alternatives

Best Shareit and Xender Alternatives to Transfer Files

Ruling the world of File Sharing applications, Shareit, which Lenovo developed, is available for all devices. Although the app excels at transferring data over devices, the unnecessary inclusion of apps and...
How to Combine Word Documents

 How to Combine or Merge Microsoft Word Documents

While you might not consider Microsoft Word when creating and maintaining a digital scrapbook, it offers some benefits you can use when clipping and gluing photos to its pages. However, combining...
How Different Types of Software Impact Your Life

How Different Types of Software Impact Your Life

It’s beyond reasonable doubt that technology influences our daily lives, often changing it beyond recognition as compared to the days long gone when this or that clever invention wasn’t yet available....
How to Create Flowcharts in Microsoft Excel

How to Create a Flowchart in Microsoft Excel

A spreadsheet may contain data that has been packed densely with important stuff but may end up being difficult to interpret. Instead, one can use flowcharts to show how different data...
Delete Page Microsoft Word

How to Delete a Page in Microsoft Word

Having blank pages in your document can present an unprofessional impression to editors and employers. Documents created by Microsoft Word often have blank pages. A project with page limits such as...
How to Translate a Word Document

How to Translate a Word Document

Having trouble reading a Word document because it's in a foreign language? If you're using Word, you can translate your documents (or a specified text) without actually needing to exit the...

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