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WhatsApp Web A database error occurred on your browser

WhatsApp Web: A Database Error Occurred on Your Browser

For many, the WhatsApp web is an essential tool. It makes it super easy to communicate with your friends and family through your computer. But recently, many users encountered WhatsApp web...
monitor sql server linux

Best Ways to Monitor SQL Server in a Linux Environment

If you are responsible for running an SQL Server setup but your operating environment is based on Linux, then you might be worried about how easy it is to monitor the...
Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

15 Best Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Word is a perfect app and easy to get started with, but it has plenty of learning features. In this guide, I will tell you some of the best Microsoft...
Share Screen in Microsoft Teams

How to Host a Call and Share Screen in Microsoft Teams

Do you have an important online presentation with no idea about how to host calls or share screens in Teams? These fall under the basic features of Microsoft Teams and are...
Start Skype Chat, Video Calls without Signup

How to Start Skype Chat Video Calls Without Signup

While Skype has been one of the most popular ways to make video calls, past few years things changed. One of the biggest hurdles using Skype was creating an account, if...
How to Prevent Users From Recording in Microsoft Teams?

How to Prevent Users From Recording in Microsoft Teams?

Do you want to prevent users from recording meetings in Microsoft Teams? There may be varied reasons for you not wanting to allow users to record the Teams meeting. In this...
How to Set Up Teams Meeting With Call in Number?

How to Set Up Microsoft Teams Meeting With Call-In or Dial-In Number?

Sometimes, people might need to call in the Teams meetings with a phone. In that case, the audio conferencing feature of Microsoft Teams helps a great deal. In this article, we...
Do You Really Need A VPN At Home

Do You Really Need a VPN at Home?

When it comes to protecting your privacy online, VPN is essential. But there are not too many users are using a VPN. Plus, there is not too much awareness of how...
Schedule a Teams Meeting From Outlook

How to Schedule a Teams Meeting From Outlook?

With the integration of the Outlook add-in, you can now schedule meetings in Teams from Outlook. Moreover, it is also possible to view, join and accept Microsoft Teams meetings in desktop,...
Record Meetings in Microsoft Teams

How to Record Meetings in Microsoft Teams?

Are you interested to know how to record meetings in Microsoft Teams? Ensuring that the meeting is recorded will help you review or see them later. That way, you can share...

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