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poker on smartphone

Poker on your smartphone

With technology constantly evolving, poker has significantly impacted the mobile gaming market, amongst others. Looks take a look at how things have evolved through time and how poker has become the...
Genshin impact Mobile Gaming

How did Genshin impact affected the Mobile Gaming Market

The gaming industry is booming both in terms of active players playing the game and gross revenue, but most of the credit goes to mobile gaming. And if we talk about...
Poker Stars Poker Room Review

Poker Stars: Poker Room Review

Poker is a popular card game where each individual player wagers over a specific hand, according to a set of rules.Usually making use of a standard deck, this can vary in...
The Minimum Windows System Requirements Needed For Online Casino Play

Understanding Casino Bonuses

The online casino industry has become an incredibly competitive marketplace. There are casinos that choose to specialize in one type of game, like poker or slots, while others offer the same...
Indian gaming industry

2021: The up and coming year for the Indian gaming industry

India is the second-largest global market for app downloads. The online gaming industry in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of 47% by 2022, studies show. This is more...
PC Mobile Console Gaming Experience

PC, Mobile or Console: How does the gaming experience differ?

Video game enthusiasts have more options than ever before to choose from. While consoles and PC have always had their differences, nobody expected mobile gaming to become a serious factor in...
How streaming is evolving the gaming industry at a rapid rate of knots

How streaming is evolving the gaming industry at a rapid rate of knots

In 2020, live streaming is not just a form of consumption; it has pushed itself to the front and center of the gaming ecosystem. Decades ago, the nostalgic gamers amongst us...
Mobile Gaming Tech

Has Gaming changed Tech or Has Tech changed Gaming?

Gaming and modern technology go hand-in-hand. Whenever new products and features are launched, game developers embrace them almost instantly. In turn, when developers are pushing the limits of what’s possible, hardware...
Overwatch Game 2020

Overwatch Becoming Game of 2020

On January 16 at 11 PM Pacific time, the Overwatch Lunar New Year event went live, the newest release of the e-game became active. It was an exciting moment that many...
Path of Exile Mistakes

Common Mistakes Made in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a game that demands its players to get their heads around a lot of features. You are going to see a lot of phrases thrown around such...

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