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iGaming Software Developers

The Best Online Casino Software Developers in The World

The first casino platform was formed in 1994 by Microgaming, marking the beginning of software providers and their lasting relationship with online casinos. Game developers are known to be the backbone...
Age of Empires Gameplay

Age of Empires 4’s Camels Trigger an Age-Old Debate

Developers of strategy games always focus on clarity and accuracy to find a balance between the two aspects. Age of Empires has been around for almost 16 years, and these mechanics...
Play GTA San Andreas

Step By Step Tutorial To Play GTA San Andreas On Your Android Phone

GTA San Andreas is another of Rockstar's most popular games. It was first launched in 2004 and since then has become one of the most famous games in history, and the...
SNES ROMs Download - How to Properly Use Them?

SNES ROMs Download – How to Use them Correctly

Are you looking for SNES ROMs? Confused as to how you can play them on your device? Luckily, there's no need to worry, as in this post, we're going to show...
Old School Strategy Games

Best Old School Strategy Games That Are Still Fun to Play

If you're looking for a classic or anything that has been ignored in the current era, this list should present you with a few useful possibilities. When people think of traditional strategy...
poker on smartphone

Poker on your smartphone

With technology constantly evolving, poker has significantly impacted the mobile gaming market, amongst others. Looks take a look at how things have evolved through time and how poker has become the...
Genshin impact Mobile Gaming

How did Genshin impact affected the Mobile Gaming Market

The gaming industry is booming both in terms of active players playing the game and gross revenue, but most of the credit goes to mobile gaming. And if we talk about...
Poker Stars Poker Room Review

Poker Stars: Poker Room Review

Poker is a popular card game where each individual player wagers over a specific hand, according to a set of rules. Usually making use of a standard deck, this can vary in...
Why Online Gambling Should Be Legalized in Restricted Countries?

Understanding Casino Bonuses

The online casino industry has become an incredibly competitive marketplace. There are casinos that choose to specialize in one type of game, like poker or slots, while others offer the same...
Indian gaming industry

2021: The up and coming year for the Indian gaming industry

India is the second-largest global market for app downloads. The online gaming industry in India is projected to grow at a CAGR of 47% by 2022, studies show. This is more...

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