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Check Fortnite Stats

How to Check Your Fortnite Stats

If you have been looking for ways to up your game in Fortnite, then the best way to do so is with the use of a Fortnite Tracker. This is an...
Cards game

Blackjack games you should try

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games around the world. Before the advent of online casinos, it had been the favorite of players at many land-based venues. Now that...
Gaming Apps for Android and Windows

6 Gaming Apps for Android and Windows

Gaming on mobile has improved faster than any other gaming technology currently. Android seems to hit new heights every year and only stands to get better over time. It won’t be...
Xbox One X Games

3 Games to look forward To playing on Xbox One X

With the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has promised to change its policy about exclusive games: there will be none, at least not until 2022. It is excellent news for those who...
Chess Master 3D Download

Chess Master 3D – Features & Download for PC

Chess Games are always fun to play in. Be it on Android or any other device; it needs a lot of brainstorming to win the game. Have you ever tried to...
Bike Racing Game

Racing Games 101: Things You Should Look for in A Bike Racing Game

Despite what other gamers say, racing games aren't exactly "the same." While a lot of players do agree that racing games share similar mechanics, they do differ in terms of gameplay,...
Tips to Balance Video Games and Studying as a Student

Tips to Balance Video Games and Studying as a Student

Students face many distractions around them. The video game is one of the significant distractors that get in between the students and their studies. Video game leads addiction among the student...
Best Upcoming AAA and Indie Games 2020 for Students

Best Upcoming AAA and Indie Games 2020 for Students

We're authoritatively in 2020, and you higher be given we're in for a ton of gaming goodness this year on account of the entirety of the jam-got line-together of up and...
Asphalt 9 Legends

Best Arcade games to play on Android smartphones

When it comes to playing games, we all know it is our favourite leisure activity. No matter if we’re adults or kids, arcade games are close to our heart. We always...
automatically configure game settings

Intel’s Graphics Driver can automatically configure game settings for Intel GPUs

As Windows 10 brings more and more gaming features for consumers, Graphic Card OEM is upping their software as well, and not just the hardware. In a recent update, Intel has...

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