Try Windows Phone on your iPhone, Android and iPod

Here is something teasy for Non Windows Phone users even if you are not so excited about Windows Phone. Microsoft has put a demo page  ( Thanks Vasudev ) which loads just fine on your iPhone or Android and looks exactly like the Start Screen of Windows Phone and it is interactive.

Video Demo ( Watch on YouTube )

You can check out how Calls, People Hub, Email, Text, Picture Hub, Calendar etc works on Windows Phone using the Tap ( Android ) or Swipe ( iPhone or iPod ). Like this is a demo, you are guided through all the main features of the phone so you cannot just touch and tap anywhere but only where it is highlighted. You can use your back button to move in between screens.

[minigallery id=”1373″ style=”box border box_white”]

However one thing is sure that you get a clear idea of the look and feel as it takes up your entire screen and feel like you are using you phone.

Those who dropped in here thinking somebody has ported Windows Phone OS to Android and iPhone, no thats not the case and it will never happen ( Unless some developer gets on his head and toe together)  but this only helps non Windows Phone users know what they will get if they buy the phone.

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