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Garmin drops support for its Smartwatch Vivoactive 3 on Windows phone

Looks like there are a lot of drops happening today. First Kinect, followed by Gameloft and Now Garmin has dropped support for its Fitness Tracker Vivoactive 3 on Windows Phone. While Fitbit is still supporting Windows Phone, but then if you had Garmin tracker, its time to switch your phone for good. You cannot get so many signals together that its time ...

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WhatsApp Beta gets Real Time Location Sharing for Windows Phone

WhatsApp Real Time Location sharing was first reported in January, and the feature has made its way to Windows Phone Beta App as well. It will help you reach your friend on WhatsApp, and let you figure out how close he is when on his way. The latstet update bring along Real Time Location sharing, and ability to pin a ...

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