We were Wrong, Looks like Low End Windows Phones are coming

Few months back we argued that Windows Phone might never get any low end phones because Microsoft will never want to compromise on lowering down the specs to make more like  Android Market but it seems we were wrong and thanks to WLWP Honkong Group for sharing info that they came to knew from Microsoft speakers on Tango at the Hong Kong’s MSDN Seminar that took place.

Here are the qoutes which I got it translated :

  • Tango is not a major update.
  • Tango will be included as one of the updates.
  • Tango and mainly for developing countries such as China, India and other markets to use, so these are ignored in the market to have more exposure to Bing service.
  • 5 companies in these developing countries will launch a cheap version of the Tango preloaded Windows Phone.
  • Apollo will be the next big update.

This  seems to be getting where Android phone is currently which is almost everywhere and once the price is dropped down  because of the hardware and software update ( not sure how this will be limited ) but probably some features which not every user will be interested like Music Service or Games from Xbox Live might get limited. On hardware part it is possible to have low space and less of camera megapixel.

The only thing which worries me is the performance but then again Windows Phone Major Update Mango still runs on First Generation hardware and since Apollo will be next major update, it is possible that WP on low hardware will not suffer any issues.

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