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WP7 Update 8107 : Removes 3G Button, Fixes disappearing keyboard, Gmail Sync, Exchange Issues and location privacy bugs

Plaffo is reporting update for his LG Optimus 7 which is numbered as  7.10.8107  but looking the bugs which is getting fixed, it seems that it will be available for all the Windows Phone sooner or later which includes Samsung, HTC and other Models. However I think Nokia will have its own set of updates coming which was talked about before.

Thanks Plaffo and he also confirms that if you have unlocked your phone using any registry hack , the phone is NOT locked back meaning, WindowBreak Program will keep working. Also to note that this update does not fix the SMS Bug which was recently seen. I guess another update will do.

List of issues fixed : 

  • If you had seen your keyboard doing vanishing act when over email, a fix is on the way.
  • Gmail Syncing issue which I guess should be specifically for Apps where mobile sync was not working even if enabled.
  • Fixes Privacy Bug for Location
  • Revocation of certificates issued by DigiCert Sdn Bhd to solve a problem of encryption
  • If you are Using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 then reply to or forward for an email will have the  the original message is now included in the response.
  • Fixes an issue of notification of voicemail
  • Under Cellular Network,  3G Toggle Button is dropped off and replaced by a drop-down  where you can select betwen 3G and Edge or any other you have. This is now called as Speed Connection.

To get this update connect your phone to Zune and check if there is any update under Settings > Update. You can also try using the cable unplug method to see if the update can come to you like we did for Mango. Since the updates are rolled out in phases, it is possible you might see it even after a week.

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