Xbox Avatars are getting Major Overhaul to make it look as Close as you are

Xbox Avatars are one of their kind. A virtual avatar which looks like you act like, and expresses what you want to express. It’s a special thing for any gamer to make them feel emotional, and get close to the Xbox Live.  Microsoft has been working on a new version of Xbox Avatar to reach out more people, especially those with special abilities. The new avatar showcased a few months ago, just expresses that. This update is expected to come out with Fall Creators Update, both to Xbox One, and Windows 10. Check out the video below:

That said, Jez Corden, a Senior Editor for Windows Central, had the privilege to look at the new version, and the details are just amazing. Microsoft will be rolling out a new “Xbox Avatar Editor” with brilliant editing options. Here is what you can expect from the editor:

  • A great number of combination, and options for your avatar. You can customize right from the dresses to limbs to nail polish, and so on.
  • The costumes now include a huge number of collection bringing the world’s wardrobe to your Xbox. Put on whatever you feel like, almost.
  • Expression includes from a smile to laugh to even being pregnant. You can customize daily based on your mood.
  • No restriction on the skin colors. You can use a color picker to get exactly how you look like. It also remembers the recent colors you used.
  • Height and Weight options are included as well.

That said, Microsoft will keep the existing Xbox 360 avatar system, and your purchases, and inventory. You will be able to download it again with the new app. They are also giving the option to import the old avatar into the new system. Check out all the pictures at Windows Central to cherish.


The app is developed using Unity3D. It also uses the universal libraries, and hence its a Universal Windows Platform aka UWP,  compatible with all Windows 10 devices.