Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone Released

A couple of months ago, we wrote about the Xbox Companion app for WP7. The app basically allows users to control certain functions of their Xbox 360 console right from their Windows Phone running handset.

Using the Xbox companion app, users can directly search and play a movie on their Xbox, find out the cast, genre etc of the movie being played and much more. Users can also use the Companion app to navigate through through the Xbox’s UI, purchase media, control the playback of the media being played etc.

The Companion app also allows users to play some of the Xbox games right on their WP7 phone, and then transfer their progress back to their Xbox. The Xbox Companion app is now live on the Windows Phone Marketplace, and can be downloaded for free.

Before using the Xbox companion app, please make sure that you have enabled the Xbox Companion option to Available under the Settings menu of your Xbox 360. Here is the marketplace link of the Companion app.

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