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One of the best guides on Xbox One How-to, Tutorials so you can use Xbox in a better way. Right from installing an update to updating a controller to installing a game to manage your child account on the console

Update Xbox Controller

How to Update an Xbox Controller on Windows 10 and Xbox One

Xbox Controller, just like Xbox, can receive updates, and in this post, we will share how you can update an Xbox One controller in multiple ways. You can do it through...

How to Stream Media Files to Xbox One from a Windows 10 PC

When it comes to streaming media files, i.e., music and video from Windows 10 to Xbox One, it is fairly straightforward and works out of the box. Xbox One supports DLNA,...
change migrate xbox country

How to change or migrate Xbox Account country

Xbox team announced the regional migration service, which allows you to change your Xbox Account Country to a new one if you have moved to a new place. It comes in...
Free up disk space Xbox

How to Free up hard disk space on Xbox One and Xbox 360

When you buy an Xbox One, depending on your budget, you may have purchased a 500GB or I TB version. However, as we keep playing games and download more games, the...
Add friend Xbox gamertag

How to add a Friend on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Adding friends on Xbox has two advantages. First, you get to know the games they are playing so you can compete on scores, and secondly, you can play games with them...
Cancel Auto Renewal Xbox Live

How to Cancel Auto Renewal of Xbox Live Gold Membership without Calling Support

Xbox Live like any other service on the internet offers you to renew your Xbox Live Gold membership subscription if you pay by credit card.  It is possible that you won't...
Move Xbox Gamertag USB

How to Move Xbox Gamertag to USB or External Storage Device (Xbox 360)

Xbox 360 has an option that lets you move your Xbox Gamertag or Profile a USB drive or external storage. It comes in handy when you want to play with the...
Setup Reset Xbox One Passkey

How to Setup and Reset Xbox One Passkey to Protect your account

An Xbox Profile on a console is as open as any book unless you lock it down with a passkey or passcode, which is created using the controls on your controller. ...
Recover Xbox Gamertag

How to create a new Xbox Account on Xbox One (Gamer Profile)

To play games on Xbox One, you need to either create a new gamer profile aka Gamertag or sign-in using an existing one. Assuming you are new to Xbox One, here...
Connect Offline Xbox Profile Xbox Live

How to Connect Offline Xbox Profile to Xbox Live

An offline Xbox Profile is created on your Xbox but is not connected to an Xbox Live account. It means all the Game Related Data, Scores, Badges remain on your Xbox...

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