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How to Recover Xbox Gamertag Online and Offline

Recover Xbox Gamertag

It may so happen that you have bought a new Xbox Console or accidentally deleted your profile, which means that all your game data, score, profile picture, badges all are missing. At these times, you might get into a panic that though all your profile is on the Xbox Live Online Account, but how do you get it on the ...

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How to Connect Offline Xbox Profile to Xbox Live

Connect Offline Xbox Profile Xbox Live

An offline Xbox Profile is one that is created on your Xbox but is not connected to an Xbox Live account. It means all the Game Related Data, Scores, Badges remain on your Xbox and can be seen there only. If one day it so happens that you decide that you want to have an online presence and since many ...

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Remote turn on and off the Xbox One from Phone and Windows 10

turn on off Xbox One phone windows 10

Xbox One offers a feature that lets anyone turn on and off Xbox One using the Xbox Console Companion. The app is available on Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10, Android, and iOS. That means you can use almost any phone to control your Xbox One console. So if your controller is far away, and you need to stream from console ...

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How to change Xbox Gamertag for Free or by Paying

Change Xbox Gamertag Free Paid

Gamertag is one of the essential things when it comes to getting social and impress other players with your unique name. However, many first time Xbox players aren’t aware of the importance and choose a name that they later want to change. In this tutorial, we will learn how you can change the Gamertag of Xbox Profile for Free or ...

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How to Record Xbox Games with your Voice Narration

Record Xbox Games with your Voice Narration

If you record a lot of Xbox games using the Game DVR feature on Windows 10, a recent update to Xbox App on Windows has enabled background recording or option to record Xbox games with your voice with it. It makes sure that you can personalize with your expression and humor, and then share it wherever you want. How to ...

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How to set Xbox 360 Game Defaults for all Games

Set game defaults xbox

Game Defaults mean common preferences like Controller sensitivity, Mirror Lookups, Auto-aim, etc for all the games you are playing. It makes sure any game you play has this preferred choice and you don’t manually go and change.  In this post, we will share how you can set Game defaults in Xbox 360 for all games before you start using them. ...

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Gifting Digital Games is Now Available on Xbox One

Finally, one of the most requested features for Xbox is here. The option to send games as a gift has been enabled for Insiders on Xbox One and will be rolled out to general user base later. This was rolled out post the Xbox Fall Update to members of the Alpha preview ring, build no 1711. Apart from gifting, you ...

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Xbox Creators Update Tips and Tricks

Just like Window 10,  Xbox also received the Creators Update, and if you have never been to one of those insiders build,  It’s going to be an amazing update for you. The update is on the line to make Guide actually useful, and gamers spend less time navigating around to find stuff. So before we start talking about the tips, ...

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Torrex Pro brings Torrent Download on Xbox One

If you are one of those users who like to download Torrents on Xbox One, Finebits, developer behind popular BitTorrent client, Torrex Pro has made its client available for the gaming console which is much more than that now. Built using the Universal Windows Platform, the app costs $7.99 and is available for Xbox One, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows ...

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Everything about Xbox Club & Looking for Group

If you been wondering & waiting for a feature that will put a wow factor to the Xbox One & Windows 10 Gamer community, its about time. In the recent update to Xbox One Preview, Microsoft has taken their first major step to bring the PC & Console community together. The feature is called as “Clubs” which allows gamers to ...

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