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Xbox : How to send same message to multiple or all the friends

Select Multiple Gamertags on Xbox Send message

Sending a message to multiple friends is something you should be doing often either to set up a game party or when online and you want to join in an existing party, but you need an invite.  Now we all know that it’s a big time pain if you need to send the same message to all your friends , worst part, ...

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Features thats new in Xbox Dashboard Update 2012

Xbox Game Ratings

Today Microsoft has started rolling out the new Dashboard update and it looks much better than its last year update because of better placement of features like Recently used items, ability to add apps, games music etc. to Home Section. It also has created a section for Xbox to advertise new upcoming games, all tailored according to your interest. So ...

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Video : How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplays

Xbox Video Recording

If you have seen tons of game play videos on YouTube and has always wondered how to get your Xbox 360 Game Play recorded and show it to the world, then today I am sharing how it should be done. Remember this is not a top-secret stuff but if you are new to this, you will love knowing about it. What ...

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How to change Xbox 360 Strict NAT to Moderate or Open

Xbox 360 NAT type in Game Party

Many a times if you had played online games on your Xbox 360, you might have seen NAT information which could be strict, moderate or open type. For example in Gears of War 3, I have seen this setting when I try to join a game or a party.   What is NAT in simple words ? In a network, ...

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Video : How to launch Xbox Game from Windows 8 and Set your Beacon

Launch Xbox games from Windows 8 Smartglass

Window 8 comes with an app called as Smartglass, recently released by Microsoft, which is a companion app for Xbox. This application can do tons of stuff depending if the game makers implemented it. Looking at Maps, Players Position, Weapons location etc are few such examples. So lets say you are sitting along with your friend in your room, and ...

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Transfer Kinectimals between iPhone / iPad & Xbox using Kinect

Xbox 360 Transfer

One of the recent game releases for “Non Microsoft” platform was Kinectimals which lets you train cubs on iOS. Now there is an interesting part that is included for users who also have an Xbox and play Kinectimals on it. You can actually transfer your cubs to your Xbox Profile using Kinect and steps are very very easy and best ...

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How to Setup Beacons in Xbox 360 Metro Update

Setup Beacons Xbox 360

Xbox Metro now allows you to set up what is called Beacons which makes it easier for you to ask friends to play the game along with you. It’s like putting a magnetic board on your head! Just Kidding, but they technically are like the lights set on your head to grab attention from your friends. In this post, we ...

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Setup Cloud Storage for Xbox 360 Game Saves and Live Profiles

Cloud Storage Xbox 360

Another significant enhancement in Xbox Metro Update is Cloud Integration in Xbox. It allows you to save your saved games, membership features, friend list into Cloud, It means that the next time you sign in in your friends Xbox, you will not have to recover your Gamertag and miss everything. In this post, we will share how you can Setup ...

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