Xbox Insider Program is Now Open to All

Just like the Windows 10 Insider Program, Xbox One also has an insider program which enables gamers to experience the upcoming updates early, and also help shape the final update when they send back the feedback. The only difference between the programs is that Xbox Insider Program followed Invite based method, Until Now.

Todd Headrick, Principal PM Manager, Xbox Listening, Flight & Readiness Team today shared that this program is now open to any Xbox One gamer who wants to take a ride, and willing to offer feedback.

Just before we start, Xbox One Insider program has a Feedback Hub which asks users to test and then rewards with levels, and achievements. This was specifically introduced to make sure only serious testers were getting the updates early, and not to those who just joined for the sake of joining it.

Anybody Can Join the Insiders Program Now!

To keep things simple, here are four groups for the Insiders Update.


Anybody can join this group and will be used to test minor changes made to the previously released monthly updates. Additionally, this group will get an early access to an upcoming update made shortly after a major update aka General Availability. This is probably the safest ring who want to get it before everybody gets and has minimum bugs.

In this mode, expect a 1-8 number of updates. The total size of the update will vary between 4-32 GB per month.


Once you are an insider and leveled up (Lever 2 or higher), and tenure for at least 1 or 2 months, you can switch to Delta ring. This ring will specifically be used for service scalability, and feature acceptance. It is possible that not two Xbox one users on this ring might not see the same set of features.

In this mode, expect a ~3 updates per week, and the total size of the update will vary ~12 Gb per week.


If you are on Level 3 or higher and been an Insider for at least 3 months, you get this. This is a bumpy ride for sure.

In this mode, expect an 8-15 number of updates. The total size of the update will vary between 32-60 GB per month.


This is reserved for Business Class Insider who send tons of feedback, report problems, and are really active on the console. You get every thing right away, and if you are doing well, Beta and Delta insiders get into this.

In this mode, expect 15-20 number of updates. The total size of the update will vary between 60-8- GB per month.

Early Access to Game & App Flights

If you are playing well as an Insider, Xbox Team is also offering you to test 1st party and 3rd party games including those which are not released yet. You also get access to Apps the same way.

How to Enroll in Xbox One Insider Program?

You will need to install Xbox Insider Hub App on your Xbox console using the store. Look for “Xbox Insider Hub, download and get started. If you are new, it makes take some time for this to start rolling out to you.

In closing, we simply want to say thank you to our Xbox Insiders for working closely with Team Xbox to build and improve not only the gaming experience on Xbox One but also multiple games and apps across PC and console. Not yet an Xbox Insider and interested in joining the program? It’s easy to get started!  Simply navigate to the Store on Xbox One,  search for the “Xbox Insider Hub,” download the app and get started testing new console updates, games and apps.

via Xbox News