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Five of the Best Xbox One Games ever released

Best Xbox One Games

Xbox is a wonderful creation that has enhanced so many of our lives. Bit strong perhaps, but in terms of iconic gaming devices, Xbox has to be right up there with the very best, and without it, gaming just wouldn’t be the same. Many of us have witnessed its evolution too, forming a huge attachment to it in the process ...

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Everything You Should Know About Xbox Play Anywhere

Xbox Play Anywhere Features

One of the most exciting features of Xbox Live is Xbox Play Anywhere. Play Anywhere basically lets you take your game with you, no matter whether you were playing it on your Xbox or Windows 10 PC. You can start your game in your living room on your Xbox, and finish it on your Surface, while you are on your ...

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4 Reasons Why Players Love The Elder Scrolls Online

Why Players Love The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online (a.k.a ESO) is a complicated game to start with since it has more than 100 hours long main story, but the game managed to make its boss more challenging to defeat than any other game’s boss fight. There is a wide range of quests that tell you to wander into a cave to collect relics or ...

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Send this Message to Spam Bots on Xbox Live to make them Quit

Message to Spam Bots on Xbox

If you are subscribed to the Xbox Live Service and use Xbox One a lot, I am sure you already have been spammed with messages which are spam. Surprisingly, these messages aren’t coming from Bots but instead real accounts with zero gaming experience. The issue is for real, and Reddit is all filled up with these messages. Here is how ...

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How to Upload Your Picture on Xbox Live Profile on Windows 10 and Xbox

Upload Your Picture on Xbox Live Profile

Microsoft recently announced that Xbox Live users would be able to use a custom gamer pic instead of using random images they get from games. This feature has been enabled for everyone, and you can upload your pic using Xbox Beta App which is available on all platforms. The option to upload from Xbox One directly is still in progress, ...

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Sea of Thieves Review : Just not Enough Pirate Stuff

Sea of Thieves had been one of the most hyped games that made it Xbox One last month. It is the first pirate game for Xbox, and when it comes keeping the essence of Pirates, it keeps it alive, though it could be annoying for some, then it’s about Pirates, even though there is a code to follow! I had ...

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Xbox Party Chat is now available on Android and iOS App

.Not everyone wants to get on PC for party chat, and especially if you are on the move. While Xbox One Party Chat is aimed to help gamers have a great experience while playing multiplayer, nothing stops them using it for a casual chat. Microsoft has rolled out an update for their Xbox Live App on Android and iOS that ...

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Xbox Game Pass to include New Releases from Microsoft Studio

Xbox made a major announcement yesterday for Xbox Game Pass. It’s a subscription-based service which allows you to play over 100 titles without additional cost and get discount on new games to about 20%. The announcement was that new games published by Microsoft Studios will be released into Xbox Game Pass on the same date as their global release. So for ...

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Xbox One X India Launch, Plans & Strategy for India, and things to come

Yesterday, Microsoft launched Xbox One X in India at a brilliant price of Rs 49,990, a lot lower than expected pricing keeping in mind that their pricing strategy had always gone wrong when it comes to India. But then, it wasn’t the pricing that impressed us, but getting the console on time to India was just right. Xbox One and ...

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